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Top Living Room Wall Decor Trends

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Ready to redesign your living room but need help figuring out where to start? Picking up an interior decorating magazine (or two or three) to get inspired is a perfect place to start.

We’ve picked out the best living room trends for the upcoming year so you can redecorate faster and easier than ever!

The living room is where you welcome your friends and relatives, so the most important thing is comfort. Choose your living room’s design or canvas prints based on your preference – we have styles for everyone.

The colors are predominantly neutral, with some bright colors that can accentuate the room’s look.  The concept of the living room trend is ‘less is more.’ Arrange your furniture to create a comfortable space that’s spacious, tidy, and well-organized.

Mix vibrant colors: 

A combination of bright, lively tones is always a good idea – you can decorate your living room in green, yellow, and orange. Make sure that the color palette has lots of contrast and different shades so that your living room looks fresh, modern, and full of life.

The style is simplistic, but it creates the impression that this room is very comfortable. Neutral tones are predominant, with a few pops of color to make the arrangement better.

Try modern abstract wall art:

Modern Abstract Wall Art is a great way to give the living room wall an original design. The concept of this trend is that abstract wall arts make the room look more light and airy – you can use themes such as flowers, leaves, plants, and clouds to create a unique vision of your living room.

Create a cozy ambiance:

Your living room will be complete if you offer alternative seating arrangements for cushions or other room designs. Some ideas include side tables on either side of the furniture or low tables with chairs under them.

The furniture is arranged circularly, creating a sense of coziness and calmness. This living room style is great for small spaces.

Here, the concept is that you can arrange the living room based on various factors – everything from your lifestyle to your individual preferences. This living room style has a lot of character and is perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing.

Natural design:

The trend is to use natural elements to decorate your living room, similar to natural wall art. The concept of this living room style is to create a variety of functions and styles by using the furniture strategically. You can choose the theme based on your preferences – from relaxed and dimmed lights to bright shades and warm colors. On the ceiling, you can use bold background patterns and patterns with smaller details.

Final Words!

The trends for the upcoming year are to retain that ‘less is more style – so use your furniture to create a spacious, comfortable, and well-organized living room.

Add some pop to your living room by using modern wall treatments such as natural wall design and abstract art – this will emphasize the room’s look with minimal effort. You can also use different patterns on patterns on the ceiling to add a bit of sparkle to your living room as well.

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