Tips to Care for Your Dog as a Busy Dog Owner

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Busy Dog Owner

Let’s face it. Dogs are better than people. They don’t judge, they don’t hold grudges, and they’re always down for a belly rub. They’re four-legged therapists. And you’re lucky to have them in your life.

Let’s also agree that being a dog parent is a lot of work, especially if you are employed full-time. It’s not just about cuddles and playtime (although those are the best). You must also take them for walks, visit vets, and keep them out of the trash.

But don’t let that get you down! You can turn dog care into a tail-waggingly good time with some fun ideas and paw-positivity.

Hire a Mid-Day Dog Walker

You can’t let your pup roam around the house bored while you’re at work, can you? Then be prepared to return to some chewed-up furniture and mess.

And, of course, your canine friend needs to stretch their legs. It is especially true if you have an active breed like a husky or a golden retriever.

Taking dogs for walks also stimulates their minds, helps maintain weight, and offers opportunities for behavioral training.

So, why not hire a mid-day dog walker? They can stop by your house while you’re away and take your pup on a nice walk. They can even teach them new tricks to spice up their routine.

Sign Up for Poop Scooping Service

Poop scooping is the only downside. It’s smelly and messy. Plus, it can take up way too much of your time. And, of course, none of us wants to deal with that chore, especially when you come tired and exhausted after a hectic work routine.

But it doesn’t mean you must live with a pile of doggie poop in your backyard.

You can sign up for a poo-picking service offered by a dog poop company near you. A professional will come to your house and take care of your dog’s dirty business.

The best part about these services is knowing when to expect them. They’ll text you in advance and never change the schedule without informing you. For a busy pet parent, that can be a huge relief.

Try a Doggy Daycare

Maybe you should consider doggy daycare if your Fido gives you that sad, puppy-dog look every time you leave the house. And it breaks your heart.

That way, your pup can have fun and interact with other dogs while you’re away.

Most doggy daycares offer various activities to keep the dogs entertained. For instance, they can go swimming or play fetch with experienced trainers.

You can also get lucky to find a facility that’ll take care of all your pup’s needs. From grooming and baths to vet check-ups, they’ll handle it all.

But most importantly, doggy daycares often have video cameras. So you can keep a check on your pup any time you want. Say goodbye to guilt trips.

Organize a Doggy Playdate

Dogs are social butterflies. They love to make new friends and bond with their buddies.

And nothing can beat a good old doggy playdate. So, if you can’t keep up with your pup’s social needs during the weekdays, dedicate weekends to them.

Invite your pet parent friends over and let the dogs have a blast! You can even host a doggy party with costumes, treats, and a puppy dance floor.

Besides the wagging tails, playdates also provide some much-needed mental stimulation. Your dog gets to practice good manners, behave around other humans, and release energy.

The best part? You can finally spend quality time with your pup and create memories. Who doesn’t like that, right?

Plus, you can use the opportunity to exchange tips and tricks about dog care too.

Subscribe to Pet Food Delivery Services

Buying pet food and other essentials like treats and toys can be a hassle. You need to take time out for trips to the pet store, lug around heavy bags, and hope that pet food is well-stocked.

That’s why subscribing to pet food delivery services makes more sense. They’ll deliver whatever dog essentials you need straight to your doorstep.

You can customize your delivery according to your pup’s preferences and dietary needs. For instance, you can choose between kibble and canned food, grain-free options, raw food, and more.

Plus, delivery services come with all kinds of deals and discounts. So you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when stocking up on supplies.

No more stress and no more running around. It’s also much better for the environment.

Book Mobile Grooming Services

One more tedious chore busy pet parents have to deal with is grooming. Taking your pup for a bath and trim can take up a whole day, not to mention the cost. And it’s nothing you can skip or cut corners with. Grooming has a lot of benefits, including:

  • Removing parasites and dirt
  • Helping reduce shedding
  • Keeping skin healthy
  • Making your pup look and smell great
  • Reduce the risk of bad posture and deformities

That’s why booking mobile grooming services is a lifesaver. They’ll come to your house and groom your pup in the comfort of your home.

The groomers will bring all the necessary supplies, from brushing and bathing to nail clippings and ear cleaning. And they’ll do it all while sticking to the highest safety standards. So you can be sure that your doggo is in good hands.

Organize All Your Dog’s Stuff

Are you tired of wasting time searching for your pup’s stuff or tripping over it? It can consume much of your time, especially if you have more than one dog.

So, it’s important to keep all their things organized. Think about hanging leashes on hooks by the front door for easy access when ready for walks.

You can invest in drawers, bins, and shelves to store the vet paperwork, toys, bedding, waste bags, and everything else. You can also set up a dog walking station.

And remember to regularly declutter and donate items your pup has outgrown or no longer needs. With these paw-some storage tips, you’ll save time and keep your home tidy and pet-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Being a pet parent is fun and exciting. But if you’re constantly juggling work and other responsibilities, it can feel like a chore. You might lose track of your pup’s needs or find yourself overwhelmed and running late all the time.

If you have a super smart breed like a poodle or a sheltie, you can teach them a few hygiene tricks like filing their nails or brushing their teeth.

So, don’t worry, busy paw-rents. You can multitask and make sure your pup is always happy and healthy. Woof!

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