Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Express Unsaid Feelings and Emotions

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Gift Ideas

Action speaks louder than words! Gift-giving on special occasions is a sure way to express love and happiness. With a wide variety of items from which to choose, there is always something for everyone on all occasions. Online gift stores are offering a seamless way for many to reach out to their loved ones worldwide via home delivery services, customisations, and affordable price points. We share thoughtful gift ideas to express unsaid feelings and emotions in this post.

Cakes and sweet treats

The cake cutting and feeding time are the most awaited moments of all celebrations. With a wide variety of flavours and designs, there is definitely something to steal everyone’s attention on all occasions. Some of the most popular cakes to consider for upcoming occasions are pinata, designer, heart-shaped, red velvet, chocolate (Kit Kat, Ferrero, etc.), fruit cakes, and cupcakes, to name a few. Make your dreams come true – request your local bakery store to customise the cake and delivery.

Chocolate combo

Chocolates are sweet and healthy! No one can say “No” to a chocolate gesture! Giving sweet treats to loved ones is a gesture to welcome them with love and happiness. Make upcoming celebrations cherishable moments by surprising your loved ones with chocolate combos on such occasions. With a wide variety of chocolate brands and flavours – there is always something that will satiate their sweet tooth cravings. You can include chocolates like Kit Kat, Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher, and Kisses.

Personalised Mug and Cushion combo

The personalised mug and cushion combo are some of the best gifts to make lasting memories. Since a hot cup of coffee/tea and enough sleep are essential. A personalised mug and cushion will surely remind your loved ones (each time they go for a coffee/tea break or sleep) how much they mean to you. There is something for your loved one with a wide variety of mug and cushion designs and customisations.

Personalised photo lamp

Pictures are souvenirs of the life journey! You and your loved ones will cherish the memories and share them with future generations. So, why not make the souvenir special! Spruce up upcoming celebrations with a personalised photo lamp for your near and dear ones. There is a wide variety of lamp designs and customisations, like wooden, glass, and message in a bottle lamp.


There is a flower type, colour, scent, design, and arrangement to express every feeling and emotion when it comes to flowers. And the flowers to add to your bucket list are red roses, white carnations, pink lilies, and lavender. Take the flower surprise a step further by nicely arranging them in a personalised vase, pot, box, or basket. So, check for available arrangements and deals from the best florist in Kolkata.

Plant gift

Plants are some of the best gifts that will always keep on giving. Express love and happiness to your loved ones on upcoming celebrations with an indoor or outdoor plant surprise. Some of the most popular plants to consider for the surprise are Money Plants, Bonsai Plants, Lucky Bamboo Plants, Snake Plants, and Jade Plants, to name a few! Take the plant surprise a step further and present them in personalised pots. Check out amazing ideas and customisations on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Since ancient times, a jewellery gesture has always been a special gift to express heartfelt gratitude to loved ones on all occasions. Make the upcoming celebrations cherishable for your near and dear ones with jewellery. Finding the ideal jewellery items is like taking a walk in the park on a Sunday morning since you know your loved ones’ favourite jewellery styles. Take the jewellery surprise a step further by having the items personalised with options like a name, initials, dates, and message. You can also have the jewellery items nicely arranged in a personalised box, storage case, or cake, among other options.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know, heart-melting gifts express love and happiness to your loved ones. Make lasting impressions with thoughtful gifts delivered right on time! Search for a reputable online gift store in Kolkata offering various options at reasonable prices. Stay in the loop on trending gift ideas for all upcoming occasions by subscribing and following the online store on social media platforms.

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