This Adorable Couple Selling Fresh Pizza Has Won The Internet

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Couple Selling Fresh Pizza

We have all heard numerous stories of people who make the best of their circumstances to make ends meet. The internet is full of such stories, whether it’s about a specially trained man running a pav bhaji stall or a teacher selling nutritious roadside food. Couple Selling Fresh Pizza has become very popular on internet. Reading about these stories often motivates and inspires us to do our best. Recently, another similar story has taken the internet by storm. This time an adorable newlywed Couple Selling Fresh Pizza, and their efforts towards their work have surely impressed a lot of people.

In a video we can see this young couple at work. At the beginning of the video, the couple can be seen making pizza and pasta. While cooking, the couple reveals that they started working together a year ago when they got married. Then, in her little joke, the woman also reveals that she is a better cook and prepares the food at home. The name of his food stall is ‘Fresh Bites’ in Jalandhar.

Since the video was uploaded, it has been viewed 32.1 million times, has 4.2 million likes, and has over ten thousand comments!
“Kitne, such a cute and understanding couple, hai na. They are growing up together and building their dream. (Such a cute and understanding couple. They are growing up together and building their dream.)
“Just look at true love, they are working in a small shop, but they are happy.”
“God bless you with much success in your business! My prayers are always with you!”

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