The five best management programs for dog kennels

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Businesses benefit from dog kennels, dog daycare, dog training, pet grooming, and dog best kennel software packages. How do these packages work? By using these packages, animal-related businesses can function more efficiently.

Online tools provide you with the ability to manage client appointments and payments, keep track of resources, and much more. The majority of boarding software packages also feature marketing capabilities and document storage options.

You can become quite stressed out running a kennel. Using dog kennel management software, you can automate administrative tasks if you have trouble keeping up with the administration side of your small business. You may need to remind clients to make payments, invite them to promotional events, and schedule grooming and vaccinations. What software packages do you recommend?

The five most popular tools listed in Capterra’s directory are:

  • According to Capterra UK’s user reviews, it has a 4-star rating
  • Capterra UK receives the most reviews
  • The number containing the highest search volume appears first, followed by the number containing the lowest search volume

Revealed pets

Using this cloud-based pet boarding software, businesses can manage customer databases, online bookings, payments, customer information, and more. Revelation Pets offers a client management module that allows users to upload photos, monitor credit accounts, and send appointment reminders via email and text message. Many different functions are incorporated into this system, including reporting, communication management, and email notification. In addition, the platform allows staff members to modify templates, change rates, apply discounts, monitor waiting lists, handle reservations, and send promotional emails.


Pet businesses can use Pawfinity’s cloud-based software to manage information about clients and their dogs, schedule appointments, and submit invoices. One of the benefits of a unified point-of-sale platform is that inventory data, customer information, and special offers can all be integrated.

Apart from PCI-DSS compliance reviews and email notifications, Pawfinity offers cloud storage and time tracking as well. Many types of business documents can be safely maintained in a centralized repository, such as training records, invoices, and vaccination records. Payroll management software can be used by both employers and employees to track their wages.


Dog kennels and other pet-related businesses can benefit from ProPet’s cloud-based solutions. There are several tools built into the system, such as report generation, CRM, marketing, and online payments. There are many other benefits of online appointment booking, such as booking daycare, boarding, grooming, and other services from any device.

All bookings can be managed in one place, and a confirmation email is sent automatically and personalized shortly after booking. The built-in pricing engine gives users total control over the prices of their services. It supports a variety of different pricing structures. It is possible to increase the discount amount automatically by setting up triggers for bulk packages, pet discounts, extended stay fees, and late fees. You can even set up custom pricing according to customer and group characteristics.


Dog kennels and daycare facilities use Gingri’s software. Your dog boarding business can take advantage of several features with this system. An effective dog kennel management system includes management and booking functions.

Software that is mobile-friendly and can be customized. Besides offering payment processing, email reminders, staff scheduling, grooming, and training tools, Ginger has received an A+ rating for data security, availability, and speed.

The availability of information on Gingr makes it easy for clients to book boarding and grooming services during weekends and holidays, especially when business hours are not in session. Businesses appreciate Gingr because it allows them to spend more time with the pets in their care. The software appears confusing at first. As a result of the lack of multi-location capabilities, some features lack intuitive functionality.


Owners and managers of businesses can stay organized with the DoTimely software. Besides pet sitting, dog walking, and training, you can also find all kinds of services (such as maid service, carpet cleaning, lawn care, etc.).

Among DoTimely’s key features are its capabilities to handle customer information, staff schedules, invoice processing, and payment collections. Another feature is mobile support. With this application, you can message in real-time, sync your calendar, and integrate with third parties.

Get a quote from the company. Despite this, there are two basic plans: Pro is $15 a month, and Essential is free. Branding and unlimited appointments are available as add-ons with the Enterprise package, but you must contact us in advance.

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