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The Different Types Of Rugs There Are

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Types Of Rugs

Rugs are lovely and add a natural touch to any room. They can transform a room from drab to dazzling. A rug can be a one-of-a-kind way to spruce up in various ways. According to many designers and interior design experts, rugs are one of the trending decors. Among multiple rugs, moroccan rugs are suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, dining room, and even the kitchen. They help you define a room’s theme and color palette, protecting floors and absorbing noise from everyday life.

Many different rugs are available in the market, including Persian and moroccan style rugs. Rugs are typically made by machine or by hand. The handcrafted rugs can come from anywhere globally, but Persia, Turkey, India, China, and Europe are the most well-known.

Rugs are categorized on a different basis:

The classification of rugs based on the area

  1. Indoor rugs are always made from soft materials rather than tough materials such as wool. They are generally kept away from harsh elements and weather conditions.
  2. Outdoor rugs are built to be durable and weather resistant. You can use them for years on your patio, deck, or backyard without concern.
  3. Runners are narrow and long rugs that are commonly used in hallways. They’ve been specifically designed to fit the space. You can choose one that is the right length and shape for your hallway. Rugs are the simplest and most convenient way to add drama or comfort to any room.

Types of rugs based on material

  1. Wool rugs are made of a natural fiber traditionally handwoven, hand-tufted, or hand-knotted. This rug is best suited for high-traffic areas like the living room, bedroom, and entryway. Wool rugs are more pricey due to the time and effort required to design and construct them.
  2. Silk Rugs are incredibly delicate and can be difficult to clean. This rug type is best in spaces that are low-traffic and quiet. Rayon and viscose are synthetic alternatives to real silk; they’re less durable than the real thing but more luxurious.
  3. Cotton Rugs are an inexpensive and playful alternative to higher-cost rugs made of wool or silk. Cotton fades quickly and does not thwart stains, so don’t expect it to last indefinitely. It’s a good option if you’re interested in changing your rug depending on the mood or season.
  4. Jute Rugs add a coastal vibe to any indoor space. You have to be careful about where you place these rugs. Some can show watermarks and be difficult to clean after exposure to the elements.
  5. Leather Rugs are great for small spaces, awkwardly shaped rooms, and luxurious layering. Easy to clean and easy to wear, they’re great for layering on furniture or next to your bed. The disadvantage of hides is that they shed and curl up at the edges.

There are so many types of rugs it is difficult to choose. It all depends on how much space you want to cover and what color scheme you have in your home. So whatever feels appropriate for you will be the best choice for your home.

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