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The Benefits of Living in a Single-Story Home

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Single-Story Home

Living on one level has a lot of benefits. They are simple to maintain and clean, which is one of their key benefits. There is no need to climb up and down stairs or use steps to clean the windows. Additionally, single-story homes consume less energy because they lose less heat through fewer walls. Because there are no steps to navigate, they are also more accessible to people who have mobility issues.

  1. A wider audience

 Due to their advantages in terms of accessibility, single-story homes are frequently seen to have greater market appeal. For safety concerns, people with young children prefer not to have more “out of sight” space to explore or steep staircases.

On the other hand, older people who might struggle with stairs might decide to build their homes on one level, making every area easily accessible.

  1. Considerable expenditures

When calculating resale value, it’s crucial to take this wider market appeal into account. Single-story homes are highly sought after because they appeal to a diverse range of buyers, making them a wonderful investment, especially in suburban areas. 

When making plans to build a new home, think about what will be valued in the future and what you and your family (as well as potential buyers) would find most appealing.

  1. Less challenging to maintain

With a single-story home, general upkeep and tasks are much more practical (both inside and outside). Internally, moving your vacuum and cleaning equipment up and down stairs could be a hassle—this is a problem you won’t have in a single-story home! However, the only change is visible from the outside!

In a single-story home, for instance, cleaning the gutters is much simpler because you can access them from a ladder. Additionally, if you built outwards rather than upwards, you would probably have a smaller yard, which will reduce the amount of time needed for routine maintenance like mowing lawns and gardening.

Additionally, single-story homes can reduce your costs for routine maintenance like heating and cooling. If you frequently use air conditioning, single-story homes may be significantly less expensive in this regard.

  1. Better use of available space

In double-story homes, stairwells can eat up valuable space that could be put to better use. In some cases, sweeping stairs can make the living space smaller. On the other hand, a well-designed single-story home floor plan may give the impression that the home is more open, with large entrances and wide hallways.

  1. Open-plan living

A big part of the appeal of brand-new, contemporary homes is the feeling of open space that we all appreciate and are accustomed to in today’s society. An open floor plan that seamlessly combines an indoor and outdoor living will welcome you into a well-designed single-story home, making it perfect for contemporary Australian life.


Living on one level has a lot of benefits. These homes are easier to maintain, less expensive to build, and safer for young children and the elderly. They can also foster a sense of community and be more environmentally friendly. If you’re planning to buy or build a new home, think about a single-story design.

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