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The 3 Best Ways To Upgrade A Boring Balcony

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Once the heat of the summer rolls in, many people would rather spend most of their time outside. Those living in apartments are at a disadvantage since they don’t have a yard. However, many people in apartments do have a balcony. If you are one and are tired of your boring balcony, then it is time to upgrade it so you can spend more of your time enjoying the fresh air outside. 

A balcony makeover has the potential to transform a simple outdoor area into a personal retreat or a charming entertaining space. In this article, we will go over several ways that you can transform your balcony from a storage space to an outdoor room to enjoy. 

Choose the right furniture:

The first step in transforming your balcony into a comfortable living space is selecting the right furniture. The furniture needs to straddle the line between comfort and practicality. You want to be able to sit for hours on a loveseat outside, but at the same time, it has to work for the space. The most obvious factor in this is it needs to be weatherproof. Luckily, you can find lots of high end outdoor furniture that looks great, is super comfortable, and can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. 

Think about how you want to use the space when choosing the furniture. If it’s your morning coffee spot, a small table and a couple of chairs might be all you need. For those who plan to use the space for relaxation, consider a hammock or a lounge chair where you can recline and unwind.

Add some greenery:

Imagine your balcony as a small, personal garden. Plants can transform your outdoor space from a sterile space to a little slice of nature outside your door. To make sure your balcony will support the plants, take note of how much sunlight it gets throughout the day. This is important because some plants love basking in the sun, while others prefer the coolness of the shade. Knowing this will guide you to pick plants that are suited for your balcony’s conditions.

If you are new to the world of plants, don’t worry. There are plenty of options that are easy to care for. Consider starting with succulents. They are tough, and they don’t need much water. Otherwise, think about some realistic fake plants. 

Add some decorations:

Once you have the right furniture and a few plants to liven things up, it’s time to personalize the space with the right decorations. Let’s start with lighting the space. Imagine the warm glow of fairy lights as the sun sets, or the soft flicker of candles on a calm evening. These lighting options create a magical atmosphere that invites relaxation and enjoyment. Art and decorations are the finishing touches. Consider hanging a piece of weather-resistant art that reflects your style. Or, place a small sculpture or decorative lantern on a table. 

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