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Teeth whitening before and after

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Teeth whitening before and after

Along with aging, teeth start losing their original shine and whiteness and teeth also become weak. Many people are trying their best to restore their smile by overcoming dental and gum-related problems. For this purpose, they usually adopt different methods using different technologies, so that they can make their smile fresher and brighter. The teeth whitening before and after technique helps to motivate the patients to step ahead to treat themselves for their betterment and also show them the before and after results. 

How long do the natural teeth whitening last?

It usually depends on the health, diet, and most importantly the age of the person, as these factors have a direct impact on the whiteness of your teeth. After 25 years or in some cases after 30 years of age, especially in women, teeth start losing whiteness and you start suffering from various dental problems. But when you undergo a teeth whitening treatment, the effect can last for 2 to 3 years. In this case, if the person is addicted to taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or smoking, the effect of the treatment may be reduced by 6 to 7 months. 

What should be avoided after teeth whitening treatment?

This treatment is very easy to get but it takes a lot of effort to maintain it, as you have to avoid many of the things you like so much, such as to take coffee, tea, beer, etc with such food having a sour taste like berries, cherries, lemon, etc. Otherwise, the enamel coated artificially on the teeth, may get stained and your teeth’ whiteness may be affected. People who have undergone teeth whitening treatment are strictly prohibited from smoking or drinking alcohol. 

What are the benefits of teeth whitening before and after treatment?

These techniques have many positive aspects, as they enable you to choose the color of your choice for your teeth, as these techniques have a wide range of shades available. These can be easily performed at your home or even offices with great comfort. This technique does not cause much pain to the patients, but in some cases, minor pain may be felt. 

For what purposes are under-eye fillers used?

This technique is widely used to hide dark circles, which are very common nowadays. Some people also use this technique to make their eyes look more beautiful and attractive by hiding imperfections. Eye fillers before and after may enable you to take the right decision for yourself. 

What are the possible side effects of this technique?

Normally, it causes no harmful effects, but in certain cases, you may suffer from infection or bleeding at the injection site, an allergic response, or some imperfections in the filling (like the firmness of your skin). these symptoms may cause pain, irritation, or even redness. If you observe any of these symptoms, immediately contact your doctor. 

What are the most popular under-eye filler creams?

You may find that there are various under-eye filler creams available in the market, but you should use any of them after consulting an experienced ophthalmologist or surgeon. Restylane is prescribed by most, most experienced doctors. But Juvederm is also considered very effective.

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