5 Signs That Indicate You Need a Chiropractor

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Sometimes medicines alone are not enough to treat your ailments, especially for problems like backache. In such cases, you may need to visit a chiropractor. These professionals, unlike conventional doctors, use their hands to work with your musculoskeletal structure to relieve pain.

While it may sound unusual, chiropractic is a relatively common alternative treatment in the US. More than 30 million Americans seek help from a chiropractor every year, and if you’re in pain, you should too. Below are some symptoms that warrant a quick trip to your nearest professional for a quick readjustment. They are as follows:

Chronic Back Pain

Back pain can be a menace. If your back is in bad shape, it impacts your entire body. You may find it difficult to walk, sit, or move around in general. So if you have been struggling with back pain for a while, visit a chiropractor. They will use diagnostic imaging like X-rays and MRI scans to identify what part of your back needs readjustment.

Although realignment may sound painful, an adjustment session will not hurt you. However, this is only possible if you visit a certified expert with the relevant credentials to practice chiropractic methods. The US is home to about 70,000 registered chiropractors, out of which more than 2,000 work in California. If you scrutinize these numbers further, upward of 20 chiropractors live in the sunny city of Yuba. So if you are from here, a quick Google search using the keywords, chiropractor near me can enable location services to connect you with a leading professional.

A chiropractor can help relieve the trapped pressure between your joints that may be causing you discomfort. This, in turn, allows them to expand and drastically improves your blood circulation, which can subside inflammation. Most chiropractors don’t use medication or recommend surgery while performing your treatment. But if your back pain worsens and there are signs of a degenerating spine, you may need to go to the ER. So it’s best to let your chiropractor know if you don’t feel your symptoms are improving so they can recommend a doctor.

Recovering From A Vehicular Accident

Vehicular accidents can leave more than flesh wounds on your body. The impact can cause your body to absorb shock, which can fracture your bones and inflict deep wounds. You may even have soft tissue injuries like whiplash. If you have been in an accident, feel parts of your body aching, and find it troubling to move your head, you need to visit a chiropractor.

A whiplash is a neck injury that occurs because of a rapid jerking of your neck. To relieve this pressure, a chiropractor may stimulate muscle by gently stretching the impacted area and letting the pressure escape. If your injuries extend to your back, the chiropractor may do a spinal manipulation on you by pushing your neck joints into place. In case of severe injuries, like a disc slip or a hernia, they may use the flexion-distraction technique, which gently relaxes your spine and eases the herniated discs.

Frozen Limbs

A chiropractor can help you deal with frozen limbs. This condition arises when the joint capsule between your tendons, bones, and muscles starts thickening, which can restrict your movement, essentially ‘freezing’ them. When your limbs can no longer move freely, it can cause severe pain that needs instant remedying, which a chiropractor can do.

They will determine how restricted your limbs are. In most cases, this is predominantly around the shoulders. From there, they may use a specialized technique called the Noel Asher method which involves applying pressure to specified trigger points around your shoulder to realign the joint, after which the region gets gently stretched. This loosens the thickened tissue and makes it easier to move your limbs.


There are many types of headaches, such as those caused by tension, migraines, and cervicogenic ones. If you’re suffering from a headache caused by anxiety, you’ll feel pain pulsating throughout your head. In contrast, a migraine results in pain on the side of your head, nausea, and sensitivity to light. In the final category, cervicogenic headaches occur because of your spine and neck. If the region around your neck and spine is stiff, it can shoot up pain that may cause you a headache. In all these circumstances, a chiropractor can look after you.

Depending on your kind of headache, a chiropractor may perform techniques like electrical stimulation. This method uses a CEFALY electrode to send electrical pulses into your central and peripheral nervous system to dissipate pain. If you’re suffering from migraines, a chiropractor may use acupuncture to apply concentrated pressure on your trigger points to ease the tension.

However, you have a headache from stress. In that case, a chiropractor may realign your posture, straighten your spine through different stretches, and recommend a lifestyle change to reduce stress further.

An Uneven Posture

An uneven posture is terrible for your spine. It causes your musculoskeletal structure to lean to one side, putting pressure on your feet, knees, and hips. There are many types of uneven postures, but most result in your hips tilting and your spine curving, which increases the pressure on your feet. Hence, you may notice that the soles on your right shoe wear out quicker than those on the left. This indicates you need to get your spine readjusted so that pressure travels equally throughout your body and you’re not leaning heavily to one side of your body.

An uneven posture can also impact how you walk, sit, and stand by tilting your feet inwards. The standard way to manipulate a crooked posture is by manually adjusting the spine, cracking your ankle, releasing pressure between your toes, and massaging your trigger points. Beetroot benefits for men.

Final Thoughts

Conventional medicine may not always provide the relief you seek, so you should turn to alternative therapies, such as a chiropractor, to sort out issues related to trapped pressure and pain. Chiropractic involves manipulating your body and readjusting your limbs by putting pressure on them, massaging them, or pushing them back into place. This allows pain to leave your body and improves circulation by opening blocked channels.

So, if you’re dealing with problems related to your back, need assistance while recovering from an accident, or have trouble with frozen limbs, you need a chiropractor. Likewise, a chiropractor can sort you out if you have headaches or are having an uneven back. A chiropractor uses non-invasive methods to give you the relief you seek, so after a few sessions, you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

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