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Choosing the right lighting fixtures for each room

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Right lighting fixtures

Lighting of your room can increase or decrease the value of your home. It can make your home more beautiful if you have selected the right lighting fixtures for each room. It’s a complex task to select the right lighting fixtures for your rooms. 

There are different kinds of lighting fixtures available accent lighting, pendant lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting (dim lights, bright lights, wall lights, hanging lights, etc.) but when you are choosing lighting fixtures for every room of your home you should be very careful and consider different points like in some rooms bright lights are used while in case of living room there should be a chandelier. In this guide, we have discussed which type of lighting fixture should be used for each room (like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc.). For choosing the lighting fixture for all rooms you should follow some tips:

  1. Make a list of which type of fixtures you need
  2. Select the style of lighting fixture for your rooms.
  3. Choose fixtures that have the same lining.

Choosing the right lighting fixtures for each room

Every house has a kitchen, hall, living room, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom, let’s see which type of lighting fixtures should be done in each room.


Hall is the entrance place of your home, every person who enters your home first passes from your hall. So, its lighting should neither too bright nor too dim, here you should do lighting that will provide a warm look. If your hall has a tall ceiling then you should have a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling but if the ceiling is not tall then you should not have a chandelier. In halls, you should not use accents or task lights.

Living room:

A living room is a room that is used for entertainment or other activities. Sometimes you need bright lights but in some cases, dim lights are used (like watching something with your family). In your living room, you should have dimmer switches. You can use them according to your mood if you need dim lights then you should on dim lights and so on. The use of lamps can increase the beauty of your living room. 


For the kitchen, pendant lights are considered the right option for you. Because in the kitchen in some places you need bright light but in some areas, you don’t need too much bright light.


In bedrooms, you need bright light during some tasks like cleaning but for relaxing you need dim light so you should use dimmer switches for bedrooms. On the side tables of your bed, you should have lamps. Task lights are suitable for bedrooms. 


In bathrooms, bright light is required especially near the mirror. So, for the bathroom, you should use bright LED lights and sconces.

Dining room

Bright light should be used for the dining room, but bright light does not mean bright LED lights. You can use pendant lights above your dining table. You can use a hanging pendant light over the dining table.

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