Relationship between Hibiscus-Tea and Blood Pressure

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Hibiscus Tea and Blood Pressure

Have you had a cup of Hibiscus tea today? Whether hot or cold with ice, having a cup of hibiscus tea is linked to supporting healthy blood pressure levels. The link between hibiscus tea and blood pressure is not a recent discovery. In many cultures, natives used natural teas like Hibiscus tea as a remedy for avoiding stress. It is a very effective supplement you can take with your meal, but not many people are aware of just how good hibiscus tea can be. So, in this article, we will be looking into how to use hibiscus tea might help reduce blood pressure, and how to enjoy hibiscus tea.

How might Hibiscus tea help reduce blood pressure? 

As an avid tea drinker, or not, you must have at one point heard about some hibiscus-tea and blood pressure correlation, or other herbal tea and its health benefits. But to many people, one particular question that often comes to mind first is how it works. Well, as for hibiscus tea, it’s not very complex how it might support healthy blood pressure levels. Hibiscus tea is often made with the flower of Hibiscus, which is rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds. These compounds can scavenge free radicals. And getting rid of free radicals in the body, in turn, might support healthy blood pressure levels.

How to consume hibiscus tea? 

When you think about hibiscus tea, blood pressure comes to mind. Although hibiscus tea has also had other talked health benefits, it could help lower blood fat levels and possibly help boost your liver health. And like most herbal tea, how you consume, it matters. There are different ways to prepare hibiscus tea. Here are five ways you can enjoy hibiscus tea.

Red sorrel 

Preparing a red sorrel tea is one of the easiest ways to enjoy hibiscus tea. It is made with simple ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, and lemons, giving you an added aroma and taste. The orange and lemon zest with a blend of ginger brings out the sour and tart taste of the red sorrel. By allowing the mix to stand for a day or two, bioactive compounds form in the tea, which helps eliminate free radicals and might help reduce blood pressure. Read more about 14 Tips to Stay Healthy at Your First Job.

Agua de Jamaica 

Popularly consumed as an iced tea, Agua de Jamaica lets you harness the full potential of hibiscus tea. Preparing Agua de Jamaica tea helps preserve most of the micro that support healthy blood pressure levels. Other ingredients like lemon, orange, and cinnamon added to make this tea add more nutritional benefits. And with the slightly tart taste and unique flavor of Agua de Jamaica tea makes it a very refreshing tea to consume with numerous health benefits.


The lo-shen hibiscus tea is characterized by its maroon color and sweet and tart flavor. Although adding ingredients like lemon, orange, ginger adds to its aroma, taste, and health benefits. Like other ways of preparing hibiscus tea, lo-shen hibiscus tea also gives you the advantage of possibly supporting healthy blood pressure levels. For this hibiscus tea, you will still be using dried hibiscus leaves.

Sudan tea 

The Sudan tea way of making hibiscus tea is also quite common and comes packed with many health benefits. While hibiscus-tea and blood pressure are frequently associated together, Sudan tea tells a different story of how hibiscus tea might help reduce your blood pressure and do a lot more than that. Flavorings like vanilla and mint added in Sudan tea might help you reduce your blood sugar level and could help provide relief from indigestion.

Sour tea 

Originally, hibiscus tea is known to have a sour taste. To a certain category of people, the sour taste of Hibiscus is how they like to enjoy their tea. This variant of hibiscus tea will hit a different spot for such people. This is because, as the name appears, sour tea is characterized by its sour taste. And to give it a sweet taste, honey is added, which also comes with numerous health benefits.


Hibiscus tea and support healthy blood pressure levels ability such as the one you get from Karaka is quite considerable. If you’re after getting the blood pressure-lowering ability of hibiscus tea without it being watered down or over-sweetened, you should check out karkade. Karkade hibiscus tea is an iced tea that gives you the pure richness of hibiscus tea. The best part is that the recipe is very simple to use and well-balanced.

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