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Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson was born on November 18, 1968, in the American city of Dallas, Texas. Father – Robert Andrew Wilson, television producer. Mother – Laura Cunningham Wilson, photographer. Brothers – Luke and Andrew Wilson, actors. In 1995, Wilson made his film debut in the film Bottle Rocket directed by Wes Anderson. The script for the film was written by Wilson himself in collaboration with the director.

Further advancement of Owen’s career was facilitated by a meeting with actor and director Ben Stiller, who began to attract Wilson to participate in almost all of his projects, including: “Meet the Parents” (2000), and “Model Male” (2001). Owen also acted as a producer and screenwriter in the creation of such films as: “Rushmore Academy” (1998), “The Tanenbaum Family” (2001), “He, Me and His Friends” (2006)

In 2000, Owen played Roy O’Bannon, Jackie Chan’s partner in the comedy Shanghai Noon. The tape became very successful, grossing nearly $ 100 million worldwide. In 2004, the actor took part in the film adaptation of Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in 80 Days, together with his star brother, actor Luke Wilson.

A breakthrough in Wilson’s film career came in 2005 after playing an unbridled guy sneaking into other people’s weddings to drink, eat, and chase cute guests in the movie Crashers. This comedy became the highest-grossing film of the year, securing Owen a ticket to the major league of Hollywood comedians.

On the set of the comedy “He, Me and His Friends” (2006), Wilson met Kate Hudson. Despite the difficult relationship between the characters in the film, in real life, the movie stars turned out to be more disposed to each other. However, the romance of the star couple was short-lived – the actors broke up after 2 years.

On January 14, 2011, Owen Wilson became a father for the first time – his girlfriend Jade Duell gave the actor a boy named Robert. Five months after the birth of the child, Wilson and Duell broke up.

Owen Wilson: “Being a father is very exciting. My son is incredibly cute. Although I constantly did not spill out and tried to take a nap on any available for this place, ”

In October of the same year, Owen took part in the International Environment Festival” Love, Earth, Universe! “, Which was held in Moscow.

Owen Wilson: “I hope art will help us to be grateful for nature and for what it gives us.”

On January 30, 2014, Wilson’s new love, fitness trainer Caroline Lindqvist gave birth to the actor’s son Finn.

The voice of the actor speaks in cartoons: Cars (Lightning McQueen, 2006), Fantastic Mr. Fox (Coach Skip, 2009), Cars 2 (Lightning McQueen, 2011), and Turkeys: Back to the Future (Reggie, 2013 ).

During his career, Owen Wilson played in more than 40 films, including: “The Cable Guy” (1996), “Armageddon” (1998), “Oacian” (2001), “Big Theft” (2004), “Meet the Fockers “(2004),” Cars “(2006),” Train to Darjeeling “(2007),” School of Survival “(2008),” Fantastic Mr. Fox “(2009),” Night at the Museum 2 “(2009), Meet Fockers 2 ”(2010),“ Midnight in Paris ”(2011),“ Celibate Week ”(2011),“ Stills ”(2013),“ Night at the Museum 3 ”(2014),“ The Grand Budapest Hotel ”(2014), Miss Trouble (due in 2015), Instigators (due in 2015), Exemplary Male 2 (due in 2016), etc.

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▪ New York Film Critics Circle Awards Best Screenplay for The Tenenbaum Family (2001) – 2nd place, Rushmore Academy (1998) – 3rd place
▪ National Society of Film Critics of the USA / National Society of Film Critics’ Awards, USA, Best Screenplay for Academy Rushmore (1998) – 3rd Place
▪ MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss for Starsky & Hutch (2004)
▪ MTV Movie Awards for Best Screen Crew for The Crashers (2005)
▪ Oldenburg Film Festival Award (with Ken Russell, Luke, and Andrew Wilson, 2005)
▪ People’s Choice Awards, USA in the Favorite On-Screen Match-Up nomination for the film Crashers (2005)
▪ CinemaCon, USA Award in the Comedy Duo of the Year category (together with Vince Vaughn, 2013)


Son – Robert Ford Wilson (01/14/2011), by Jade Duell
Son – Finn Lindqvist Wilson (01/30/2014), by Caroline Lindqvist


Sherrill Crow, singer (from 1998)
Gina Gershon, actress (from 2000)
Demi Moore, actress (from 2002)
Kate Hudson, actress (from 2006 to 2008)
Jade Duell (from 2011)
Caroline Lindqvist, fitness trainer (from 2013)


Surfing, golf

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