OnePlus will release New Earbuds and Smartwatches

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Earbuds and Smartwatches

OnePlus will launch New Earbuds and Smartwatches. A recent report claims that OnePlus will introduce several new products; including new smart watches and headphones. With the introduction of OnePlus Watch and OnePlus Band fitness tracker in 2021; OnePlus joined the smartwatch market.
Due to its problematic software, the former was poorly accepted; while the last; which wasn’t released in the US, had to compete with well-known companies like Xiaomi and its Mi Band series, which is the world’s best-selling line of fitness trackers.

The information comes from the Mukul Sharma tipper; who predicts that the headphones will be presented in the third quarter of this year; along with the new OnePlus phone.
One of the two future TWS earphones will reportedly have the Nord logo; while the other will likely have the OnePlus logo on it.

The fact that Nord Buds are currently on the market in India and the United States; suggests that future shoots will be a cool design.
The new Nord model is expected to cost more than the Nord Buds; despite the lack of information on prices.
According to rumors, the OnePlus Buds could be the replacement for the Buds Z2.
It is plausible to conclude that the future set of headphones will be the 2022 version; since OnePlus revealed the Buds Z2 in October 2021; which came after the introduction of Buds Z in October 2020.


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