No referring sitemaps detected: Solution

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No referring sitemaps detected

No referring sitemaps detected in Google search console, There could be several problems due to sitemaps are not being detected or referenced in a particular context. Here are a few possibilities for solve this error:

Website Configuration:

The website you’re referring to might not have a sitemap configured or included in its robots.txt file. A sitemap is a file that lists the URLs of a website, helping search engines understand its structure and content.

No Sitemap available in search console:

It’s also possible that the website’s sitemap is intentionally excluded or blocked from search engine indexing. Website owners can choose to prevent search engines from crawling or indexing certain pages or files through the use of robots.txt directives.

Size of  Website:

Some websites, particularly smaller ones or those with simple structures, may not require a sitemap. Sitemaps are generally more beneficial for larger websites with a significant amount of content or complex structures.

Updating content:

Sitemaps are typically used to communicate updates to search engines, ensuring they discover new or modified content on the website. If the website’s content doesn’t change frequently, the need for a sitemap may be reduced.

Sitemap Locations:

Sitemaps are commonly placed in the website’s root directory or referenced in the robots.txt file. If the sitemap is located in a different directory or not easily discoverable, it may not be detected by automated tools or services.

It’s worth noting that the absence of a sitemap doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with the website. Websites can still be crawled and indexed by search engines without a sitemap. However, sitemaps can provide additional benefits for SEO and content discovery.

Here are some recommended answers for you in the following:

I am trying to index the URLs from my website, While doing so I keep seeing this error in the Sitemap section “no referring sitemap detected” (as seen in the attached picture). Even though I have a correct sitemap submitted (as seen in the attachment), I keep getting this error. How can I fix this?

No referring sitemaps detected
Answer no 1:
There is nothing to solve here.
The page has been discovered, so Google knows about it.  In 99.9% of all case going forward, it’ll then just swing by and re-crawl it once in a while (with no reference to the sitemap).
There is a common misconception, that sitemaps are really important [to indexing].  That’s not actually the case (certainly for smaller sites with good internal structures). The Google bot is a very capable spider and once it’s gained entry to your site and assuming that the pages are inter-linked in a sensible way, it is perfectly capable of indexing the entire site, without any sitemap.
Ref: Google search console help
Answer no 2:
If Google Search Console reports that there’s no referring sitemap, this isn’t an issue. It means the URL was discovered through another means and not from your sitemap.
I hope this information will remove your error. Actually now a days if you don’t have any sitemap showing in your search console there’s no need to worry. Google’s bot will automatically crawl your website’s pages. If you have any other questions you can ask us in comments section.

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