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New Age Fashion Jewellery Trends

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Jewellery Trends

Times change and so do the jewellery trends in the fashion industry. This year too jewellery trends have seen new designs and even accessories making a headway. Some jewellery pieces even made a comeback with their evergreen look. This article is about all of them! So, if you have been planning to upgrade your jewellery collection, get ready to take notes. We have scooped out some of the latest fashion jewellery trends everyone is loving this year. Let’s begin:

  • Gold Jewellery

Yes, you read it right. Gold jewellery has made a fantastic comeback with edgy and bold designs. From chunky chains to bangles for women, you can find a wide variety of gold jewellery trending in the market. Gold chains are becoming a craze among influencers and celebrities too.

The same goes for hoops and bracelets. You can accessorize gold jewellery in layers too. For instance, you can pair moissanite earrings with stacked rings and layered bracelets to get a casual boho look. Even gold belly chains are back in trend. You can style them with crop tops and bagged jeans to get a glamorous and sexy look. 

  • Evil Eye Jewellery

The second on the list is none other than evil eye jewellery. This traditional jewellery is believed to save one from bad vibes. But now, evil eye jewellery is becoming a fashion statement among women. You can now buy earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets with evil eye designs. The best part? They go really well with daily outfits and can be worn on a regular basis for an office or college setting.

Since it is becoming so popular, evil eye jewellery is also available in gold and diamonds. So if you have a good budget, want good vibes, and style, you can definitely go for these accessories.

  • Beaded Jewellery

The latest trends are not just about golden hues. They have also gone as colourful as they could. Check beaded jewellery and you would understand what we are talking about. Multi-coloured beaded jewellery pieces are brightening up Instagram.

From beaded necklaces and earrings to bracelets, there are plenty of beaded jewellery pieces you can invest in. They are good if you wish to add some colour and fun to your outfit. Just make sure you do not overdo the colour and maintain a subtle balance. Read more about 5 unique ideas to advertise your jewellery business.

  • Statement Jewellery

Statement jewellery has been in the trend for a long time and they have managed to be in among the top trends this year too. One of the reasons behind this evergreen popularity is stunning designs. Statement jewellery can make you stand out of the lot and make a dashing impression. It is a go-to ornament for those who love a bold and striking style.

Designs of statement jewellery do change. This year, you can find statement choker necklaces and statement earrings winning hearts. They can be either silver jewellery or one with different stones to give a stunning look.

  • Minimalist Jewellery

If you are someone who is not interested in heavy and bold jewellery but still wants some accessories, minimalist jewellery is no less than a boon. As the name suggests, this type of jewellery is lightweight and has simple designs. They are trending in all seasons and can be worn on different dresses for different occasions.

Some of the popular minimalist jewellery pieces are small hoop earrings, diamond studs, pendant necklaces, geometrically shaped rings, and dainty bracelets.

The Takeaway

There are plenty of jewellery pieces that come in trend with every passing year. To ace them all, you need to have one tip: Be ready to experiment and have fun. As long as you keep this tip in mind, we are sure styling jewellery will never be difficult for you. All the best!

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