Mars, Jupiter will converge before dawn Sunday

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Mars Jupiter will converge before dawn Sunday

The night sky has featured many intriguing events throughout May, ranging from a meteor shower triggered by Halley’s Comet to the first total lunar eclipse of 2022, and another fascinating event is about to unfold before the month is out. Mars and Jupiter .

Mars and Jupiter will have an exceptionally close encounter in the predawn sky during the extended Memorial Day weekend, an astronomical event known as a conjunction.
Like many of the astronomical events highlighted throughout 2022, you don’t need a telescope or pair of binoculars, just a cloudless sky and the motivation to wake up and head out before sunrise.

The duo’s close encounter will be a three-day event, so stargazers can pick the morning with the best weather forecast for a chance to see the conjunction. However, Mars and Jupiter will appear as the closest on Sunday, May 29.

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