Mad Honey: How It Is Different From Normal Honey

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Mad Honey is one of the many types of medical honey currently being studied for its potential healing properties and nutritional value. Although still considered relatively unproven, many professionals are realizing the benefits and potential of using this type of honey. 

What Is Mad Honey?

Mad honey is a type of honey that contains bee pollen, bee venom, and other bee secretions. This honey has been used for healing and nutritional purposes to treat ailments such as asthma, allergies, arthritis, hay fever, eczema, and more recently in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. 

What differentiates mad honey from normal honey? 

Mad Honey typically is nutritionally dense because of its contents which make it popular among health-conscious consumers. Mad honey is often used as an alternative to standard honey, and most of the time it is used as a replacement.

Due to the demand for this honey, some manufacturers have been producing substandard versions of this honey. Some manufacturers add mayonnaise, sugar, and other honey products to make the product appear palatable and desirable. 

Mad honey contains a variety of chemicals and toxins that are produced during the digestion of pollen by the bees and it is therefore considered toxic if consumed raw or unprocessed. The chemicals in mad honey can cause allergies, itchy skin rashes, or even anaphylactic shock in some people with hypersensitive allergies.

Is Mad honey healthy? 

Mad Honey is commonly made from beeswax which is extracted from worker bees or drones after they sting a member of a hive.

There are numerous reports of cholesterol-lowering effects and weight loss, which can be beneficial for those suffering from chronic illness or disorders of the immune system.

Some studies have suggested that mad honey and pollen may contain substances that prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and other studies have shown the positive effects of this honey on the immune system and the prevention of cancer. Further research has indicated the possible use of mad honey in aiding in weight loss due to its high protein content which can help reduce appetite. 

This treatment has also a very high risk of causing severe allergic reactions! It should be considered only by a physician authorized to perform such treatment. Avoid use if you are allergic to bee venom or pollen. Seek medical help immediately if you experience any side effects after consuming this product.

Mad honey can be found in many local food stores from our global big supermarket chains here in the US, India, China, and many more countries. In fact Mad honey is not a new idea, it’s been used for more than thousands of years.

What does mad honey do to you?

Mad honey may cause allergic reactions in some people. Side effects from allergens such as bee venom and pollen should be immediately consulted with a physician. It is advised to use caution when selecting mad honey products that contain this treatment in order to avoid any side effects. 


It’s true that mad honey can do wonders for our health and make us more energetic, but there are some side effects as well if used in excess. Beware of products that claim to be made from mad honey but actually contain other types of bee products. provides authentic mad honey products. They do not add any other ingredients to our products, though some brands may still add a little bit of sugar to sweeten up their products.

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