Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons 120v Portable Electric Grill

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The Kenyon Grill is designed with urban living in mind to exceed the requirements of city fire codes where open fire grilling is prohibited. Its elegant engineering makes it virtually smokeless and flare less – a perfect fit for inside your kitchen or outside on your balcony.



Color stainless steel


Material stainless steel


Dimensions L x W x H 21 x 12 x 9 inches


Weight 30 Pounds

Kenyon B70090 120v Portable Electric Grill:-

The Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons 120V Portable Electric Grill seals in flavor and juices without the fuss of charcoal or propane. It provides a safe method of grilling without the danger of open flames. Marine grade 304 stainless steel grill with digital touch controls for heat settings. The nonstick grid imparts characteristic barbecue grill marks while sealing in flavor and juices. A concealed electric element eliminates fat flare-ups while providing a virtually smokeless heat source. It is backed by Kenyon’s exclusive 3-year direct replacement warranty.


The Kenyon Frontier Portable Grill has numerous features, such as:

  • An insulated lid that prevents accidental burns and is removable for quick and easy cleanup.
  • Double-coated nonstick surface is dishwasher safe; automatic shutdown in 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Preheats in less than 7 minutes.
  • Flameless for no cooking smoke.
  • Waterproof touch control board for accurate heat management.
  • Cooking grate temperature exceeds 500 f for perfect steaks.
  • Hidden heating element eliminates calls; disposable drip tray catches drippings and adds flavor to your grilled food.
  • 304 stainless steel constructions are weather-resistant and rust-proof.
  • Ul approved for outdoor use.
  • Integrated GFCI power cord for maximum protection.
  • 3-prong household plug, 155 sq. in. Of grilling surface.
  • Rectangular lid with rectangular flange.
  • Even heat throughout the grill.

BBQ for everyone! Kenyon grill allows everyone to join in on the grilling fun. It is ideal for apartment buildings and condominiums. Some grills are approved for indoor use, but won’t work properly if left outdoors; while other grills are approved for outdoor use, but produce too much smoke or risk for indoor use. The Kenyon City Grill is UL approved for use indoors and outdoors.

Why We Need To Buy Kenyon Electric Grill?

Sometimes you just can’t have a gas or charcoal grill. This is where you need to rely on an external electric grill. Electric grills have improved and improved in recent years and while they may not taste like charcoal, they can do a great job of steaming. These electric grills are the best on the market and range in price from around $ 50 to $ 800 depending on the size, style and accessories.

Final Verdicts:-

A fire can be as big and hot as it can be made, but an electric heating element can draw as much energy as the plug allows. This Kenyon electric grill not only produces high temperatures in a tiny space, but it’s also constructed to last. It will charge extra however it is fine value investment.

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