How to transfer and swap servers in Diablo Immortal combat?

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Diablo Immortal combat

Transferring servers in Diablo Immortal is relatively simple at first glance: In the main menu, after opening the game for the first time, tap on the actual name of the server you’ll be joining (they’re usually called something fanciful like “Talva Silvertongue” shown below, and you’ll get a full list of possible servers you can access.

Then you simply choose the one you want and then enter the game as usual. Whether you transfer progress and your character is another matter though, and below we’ll go into more detail about what you actually get to keep when you transfer servers in Diablo Immortal.

Can you transfer servers in Diablo immortal and keep your character?
No, as of this writing, there is no way to transfer servers in Diablo Immortal while carrying your character and progressing with you.

Unfortunately, the characters in Diablo immortal are currently locked to their original servers, meaning any progress you make is contained to that server and that server only. Transfer to a new server and you will effectively be starting a new game from scratch.

There is also no indication that this feature will be changed in the future. Admittedly, we haven’t seen any statements that it won’t happen, but those who want to take their Diablo immortal combat rating with them to new realms probably won’t get it, and almost certainly not anytime soon.

The servers do not overlap in any way at the time of writing, they are self-contained realms that are all modeled on the same template and have the same features, but the impact of players is strictly limited to the server they are on. There is no crossplay between them. , which can be frustrating – it means one of you will have to transfer to the other’s server and reset your progress as above.

The best thing you can do is pick a server early on, even before you’ve picked from the first Diablo Immortal classes, that has good latency and connection relative to you, and broadcast that information to all of your friends so you can all they are based on the same server. That way, the only two reasons for transferring servers (co-op play and connection issues) ideally shouldn’t be a problem.

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