How to track someone location with phone number? Easy or Difficult?

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How to track someone location with phone number

Despite widespread condemnation, how to track someone location with phone number is increasingly important. However, this development can serve several purposes, including protecting children, locating missing loved ones, and discovering infidelity in a partner.

Why Would You Want to Track Someone’s Location by Phone?

There are numerous reasons why someone would wish to track a phone number. And this is important if you want to find out is my girlfriend cheating on me? Doubt about the loyalty of one’s partner is one of the driving factors prompting men to opt for the option of tracking their spouse’s phones. Let’s consider other grounds:

  • Suspicion of adultery: Spouses who suspect their partners of cheating may wish to confirm their suspicions or take preventative measures to ensure no infidelity. One of the most reliable ways to do that is to find cheater by phone number. It raises no suspicions and provides efficient results.
  • Children and teens: For their peace of mind, parents sometimes need to know roughly where their children are, which means tracking their phones.
  • Sick parents: An elderly parent with dementia or comparable symptoms may require constant location supervision.

List of Top Apps to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number

Here are some highly-rated apps one may easily use to track someone’s location with a phone number:


Although the full version of Cocospy is not free, a demo version is available for viewing. Through an encrypted connection, it sends you the data it has gathered and displays it on an all-encompassing online dashboard.


  • The dashboard for keeping tabs on activities is user-friendly
  • Cocospy’s web-based dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of the targeted phone’s activity
  • It is reasonably priced


  • No demo version

SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble Pro is a fantastic feature-rich platform that, although not precisely free, still delivers on the promise of sophisticated cell phone tracking. Unlike other monitoring apps, this one also gives you limited control over the monitored phone.

You may collect covert screenshots from the target smartphone thanks to the spy app. Tracking via GPS is also made possible by the platform. It always knows precisely where the targeted device is.


  • Take remote screenshots of the targeted phone’s screen to monitor its owner’s activity
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • It’s compatible with several OS and works smoothly
  • Intuitive interface


  • Some of its features can work with iOS only


XNSPY is comprehensive spyware that may be utilized for either parental or employer monitoring. It updates in real time, so you know what’s happening right now.

Functions like screen recording within the app are included for the most used programs today. It’s useful for monitoring user behavior across multiple social networking sites.


  • Simple setup
  • Choices in subscription plans
  • Supports Android and iPhone devices
  • Affordable pricing with the ability to save on longer subscription periods


  • There is no PC version


uMobix is a cutting-edge tool for monitoring mobile devices. And if you have a question  how to track someone’s location with phone number? uMobix got the answer. It also lets you keep tabs on your child, spouse, or employee’s smartphone or tablet in real time and see everything they do. Use it with your Android or iOS mobile. It can keep an eye on over 30 different social media sites.

It records incoming and outgoing calls and their timestamps, durations, and callers’ details. uMobix may be used to track both incoming and outgoing text messages and SMS that have been erased.

A great feature of uMobix is that it keeps track of where your target has been in real time. In addition, it can record the user’s every keystroke, including login credentials.


  • It works with a wide range of devices.
  • The software necessitates little in the way of setup and is seamless to operate
  • It’s constantly updated in real-time


  • Uses a lot of gadget’s battery power


When it comes to tracking a mobile device, eyeZy has all the bells and whistles. The program can secretly track and monitor an Android or iOS smartphone without alerting the owner. Moreover, provided you have access to the device you wish to install it on, the process is relatively straightforward.

After installing eyeZy, you’ll have access to a personalized dashboard to monitor your child’s calls, texts, and computer use in real time from anywhere with an internet connection. With this program, you may quickly locate any media file, regardless of its storage location. The app can also track precise GPS locations with great accuracy. Read more about Who is Divine Compere? What happened that night on which Elaine park disappeared


  • With its assistance, unearth previously inaccessible data
  • It’s undetectable
  • Comes with an inbuilt screen recorder feature


  • Rather expensive
  • No free trial

Is It Legal to Track Someone’s Phone?

To track a phone by its number without the owner’s permission can be understood as crossing a border of ethical norms. Company owners who want to keep an eye on their staff should be upfront about their intentions and explain the reasoning behind any monitoring they perform.


Any tools listed in this article will help in tracking someone through phone number and yield a fast and reliable result. However, you should go through the pros and cons to see what works best for you.

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