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How to Study and Work in Australia?

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How to Study and Work in Australia

It is not at all unreasonable that you want to travel and study abroad or perhaps take a gap year. Have you thought about the possibility of studying and working in Australia? Luckily, now there is this great option so that, in addition to meeting new people, you can take advantage of your trip through unknown lands. Do you want to know how? Don’t stop reading.

We will not only tell you how to study and work in Australia, but a thousand reasons and what you can do in the land of kangaroos and koalas. Also, you should know that Australia is one of the countries with the best quality of life. Take note!

What are the requirements to study and work in Australia?

It is clear to us that if your desire to go study and work in Australia grows every day, it is because you are also passionate about adventures, extreme sports and exploring new directions. Perfect!

But do you already know what you want to study? Look at it from a strategic point of view. Having clear what type of course you want to do, you will already know what steps to follow as soon as you set foot on Australian soil.

Part of your plan to start your journey is to find the course you want to do and enroll in it. Why? We tell you about it in the following requirement to work and study in Australia. But first, take a look at the magnificent educational options that you can choose and quote. Look!

Learn about the visas that allow you to study and work in Australia:

Yes sir, without a visa there is no trip. But calm down, now we will tell you what type of visa is best for you to stay in Aussie territory and that the only thing you have to worry about is practicing some sport after school or going to a barbecue on the beaches of Sydney.

There are countless types of visas to travel to Australia, and we know that it is not the most fun step. But we have good news, because only two of the types of visa are ideal for studying and working in Australia:

Student visa:

  • The student visa Australia allows you to stay from 3 months to 5 years in this southern paradise.
  • You can legally work a maximum of 40 biweekly hours and during your study holidays you can work full time.
  • To apply, you must be enrolled in an official course, have health insurance and demonstrate your economic funds.

Work and Holiday Visa:

  • With this visa you can get a job and work full-time for a year without the need for you to be studying.
  • Disclaimer! Places are limited and open once a year and you can only get it once in a lifetime. Shrimp that falls asleep…
  • To apply you must be between 18 and 31 years old. The process is done from outside Australia.

How much money do you need if you want to study in Australia?

We need to talk about it, yes. But don’t be scared, there’s no reason. To enjoy the wonders that the Aussie paradise offers, some investment is necessary. To study and work in Australia you will have to make a budget that includes several items.

You must take into account the cost of the procedures that we mentioned above, the plane tickets, unless you decide to go on your own boat, which we do not recommend; and find out the costs of living in Australia. To give you a rough idea, all of this costs you from around USD$3,000 to USD$5,000 depending, of course, on what you choose along the way. In that way?

The amount of money you need to live in Australia depends on different factors: the studies you decide to do, the transport you use, what you eat and what you do in your spare time. It is not the same to stay in a hotel than in cheaper alternatives such as hostels or homestays.

Eating in restaurants every day is not the same as learning to cook. Your mother will be proud if you choose the latter! There are many ways to save money and you can start now. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. Speaking of courses, do you want to see more options? These are also magnificent because they allow you to study, work and, in the best of cases, undertake on your own. Click on it!

Advantages of studying and working in Australia:

Studying and working in Australia comes with a multitude of advantages. Apart from the top-notch education and abundant career prospects, you’ll find yourself embraced by a culturally rich society that cherishes diversity. For instance, if you’re eager to delve into a new language, such as learning Japanese in Sydney or Chinese in Melbourne, you’ll discover vibrant communities and excellent language schools to aid you in your linguistic journey while enjoying the wonderful Australian lifestyle.

The awkward talk is over, the one about paperwork and money, but it was necessary so as not to break your heart later. We don’t want you to hate us. That is why now we are going to talk about the advantages of studying and working in Australia, which are many and not only involve academics and work, but also nature and tourism: beaches, sunsets, cities and fun.

Quality of life:

Although it seems like a term used more by your parents than by your friends, it is not something to ignore. Did you know that Melbourne is the best city in the world to live? Australian cities are similar in this regard.

Did you also know that we are talking about the mecca of sports such as surfing and tennis? And that we are not including the low unemployment and crime rate, the high salaries and the relaxed life of Australia, full of unique customs and a high quality of life.

Education system:

This interests you! We don’t like gossip, but you should know that the quality standards of Australian educational institutions are recognized as one of the best in the world.

In addition, the academic offer is super varied and of high quality, therefore, your plan is not in danger, you are in an excellent place to study English or take a VET course. Definitely studying in Australia is the best investment ever made.

Meet, discover, explore and love Australia

Although we have already said it several times, Australia is the right place to delight your adventurous spirit. The flora and fauna, as well as the many options to travel, play sports, enjoy and learn, make this country something much more than the land of kangaroos and koalas.

If you love nature, you could even help regenerate forests or protect endangered animals. It all depends on the attitude you put into wanting to improve the world.

Study English and work in Australia

We trust that it has become clear to you that studying and working in Australia is a great idea, and even better if that idea becomes a project, mission, plan, pretext or however you want to see it, there is no waste. But one of the best choices in educational matters is, without a doubt, studying English.

Remember that with your student or Work and Holiday visa you can take an English course and recover the investment with a part-time job. A goal. Now we will tell you a little more about the English courses you can do in Australia.

General English

They are the best known. You can start them according to your needs, learning pace and level of knowledge (basic, intermediate and advanced). If it helps you as an extra piece of information, studying English abroad is one of the most effective methods to learn it. Australia is of course the wiser choice.

Preparation for official exams

If you are looking to take an exam to obtain an official Cambridge, TOEFL or IELTS certificate, this modality is the best for you. With these titles, you will be able to prove your knowledge of English and many doors will open for you… and not just any door, the main ones, obviously.

Here we also leave you these options so that you can break it with your official English title obtained in Australia. We are convinced of the importance of traveling and the infinity of advantages that this brings to your life. We lack space to talk to you about the benefits of daring, but for now we leave you with the most important information to achieve it by going to study and work in Australia.

The job opportunities in this cool and exotic country are many, but an important factor in getting a job is the attitude you put on it. We are not telling you that it will be the easiest thing in life, but it is part of the challenge and experience of living abroad and leaving the cradle.

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