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How to keep baby cool in stroller?

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How to keep baby cool in stroller

 The body temperature of babies is usually high, because their heart rate is also fast, their temperature regulating abilities are less efficient, less water is evaporated as sweat in babies, and various other factors also contribute to this. And when you put the babies in the stroller and take them outside in warm weather, the stroller absorbs the heat from the surroundings and makes the baby overheat, and this excess heat may cause dehydration, vomiting, and may leads to the heat related sickness. To protect your baby from any discomfort in such hot weather, you should do something to keep your baby cool in the stroller even in hot weather. Here we will discuss, some of the certain tasks, you can do for your babies.

How to keep baby cool in stroller?

The simplest way is to avoid taking your baby out in direct sunlight and don’t expose him to the sun for more than 60 minutes. Try to keep him hydrated to avoid overheating and to keep your baby healthy. You should also use such clothes or shades on stroller, that absorbs the least amount of UV radiations from the sun and it should be moist. Despite these factors, there are a few things to be aware of to avoid overheating babies from strollers, which are discussed below:

  • First, choose a stroller for your baby accordingly and try to compare it with others, to find out which one can absorb less heat, so that it may not overheat your baby. 
  • The most important factor is your baby’s dressing and the blanket he wears. Use light clothes and don’t cover your baby with a blanket as it can absorb heat from the stroller and overheat your baby.
  • Stroller fans are definitely a good solution to this problem and to keep your baby cool in dry summer. You can use any stroller fan for your baby, depending upon the style of the stroller and your choice. 
  • Most baby strollers have a back panel, which is placed to reduce the air ingress in winter to keep out the cold, but in summer, you remove it when you go out, so that your baby enjoy the breeze and stay cool.
  • Ice blocks or cooler packs can also be placed inside the seat pad to keep it cooler. Simply, you may use a cool frozen towel, to prevent your baby from the alarming heat of the external environment. If you have no ice blocks, you should place cold water bottle inside the stroller to maintain the temperature. 
  • Keep the stroller moving, to make the cross of air constant, so that your do not gets bore and hot. 

How to recognize that the baby is overheated?

Whenever your baby gets overheated, his cheeks get redder and he looks more irritable and anxious. Some symptoms of overheating indicate dehydration, such as crying without tears, increased number of wet diapers in a day, and dry lips. So, if these symptoms appear, do not ignore them, visit the doctor once and try to keep your baby hydrated by breastfeeding, drinking water or other fluids, depending on your baby’s age and also follow the tips about how to keep baby cool in stroller.

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Benefits of a baby stroller:

Baby strollers offer numerous benefits for both parents and their infants. Here are ten advantages of using a baby stroller for your child:

  • Convenience:

Strollers provide a convenient and easy way to transport your baby, allowing you to move around without carrying them in your arms for extended periods.

  • Comfort:

Strollers offer a comfortable and secure seating or lying area for your baby, equipped with padding and safety features to keep them cozy.

  • Mobility:

Strollers allow you to move your baby around safely, making it simple to run errands, go for walks, or travel, all while your child remains comfortable.

  • Protection from the Elements:

Many strollers come with canopies or sunshades to shield your baby from the sun’s harmful UV rays, wind, rain, and other weather conditions.

  • Safety:

Strollers are designed with safety features such as harnesses, brakes, and sturdy frames to keep your baby secure and reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Storage:

Strollers often have storage options like baskets or compartments, which are useful for carrying baby essentials, groceries, or personal items, freeing up your hands.

  • Long-Distance Walks:

A stroller is an excellent companion for long walks or hikes, allowing you to cover more ground comfortably while your baby rests or takes in the scenery.

  • Social Interaction:

Your baby can enjoy social interactions and observe the world around them from the comfort of their stroller, promoting cognitive and sensory development.

  • Parental Freedom:

Strollers provide parents with the freedom to maintain an active lifestyle, which can be essential for mental and physical well-being.

  • Naps On-the-Go:

Strollers offer a comfortable and safe place for your baby to take naps while you’re out and about, making it easier to stick to your schedule.


Baby strollers are versatile tools that offer parents convenience, mobility, and safety while ensuring their infant’s comfort and protection. They are essential for modern parenting and can enhance the overall quality of life for both parents and their little ones.

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