How to have the best first teaching class?

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The first day of work is a part of everyone’s life. As students the first day to school, as employees the first day to the jobs, and as owners, the first day to the business is always very important and special for all.

The same goes with the teachers too, after cracking the first teaching interview, the first teaching day in the classroom is a very crucial day and experience for all the teachers. To make your first teaching day the best and impact for you, your students, and other authorities, let us discuss a few tips you must work on and follow in this regard.

Tips for first teaching class

  • Be welcoming toward your students

The teachers from which students have been learning for a long time, get comfortable, safe, and effective with them. But entering a class with a new teacher gives different thoughts to the students.

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They might feel afraid, less confident, or less sure about how well they will be able to understand and adjust in the class and with the new teacher. But with the right behavioral quality which is a welcoming and loving nature, teachers can make students attracted and comfortable with them too. This will make your first teaching class super engaging and satisfactory for students.

  • Be well prepared for your first lesson

First teaching class means teaching your first subject lesson to the students. As we always say that the first impression matters the most, therefore to make students feel confident and attracted to your teaching skills, effectively prepare your first lesson. Before the first teaching class only, check the syllabus and books.

And accordingly, start preparing. Create a proper lesson plan which includes teaching the topics, learning activities as well as some related worksheets to solve and understand more. With a learning management system, effectively plan and make time for some of the learning activities in the classroom too.  With proper planning, you can make your first teaching class more meaningful and impactful for the students.

  • Interact with all students

First teaching class means neither you know the students nor students know you. And also students might feel less confident to initiate an interaction with you. But to give your first teaching class the best way possible, interacting with all the students will surely help.

Don’t only interact on the topics you are going to teach. Instead, begin with a general discussion and introduction session. Introduce yourself to the whole class and later one by one ask students to introduce themselves in short too. Start calling them out by their names and give general talks before beginning the lesson with them.

 Be technology friendly

In the present pandemic times, education is being carried out online via using an education app. As well as the technology and smartboard facilities are now available in many conventional classes too. To make your first teaching class effective, attractive, and impactful, teaching with the help of audiovisual aids will surely help. Use technical tools like PowerPoint presentations, modules, picture cards, and educational videos related to the planned lessons.

  • Have participatory activities

Do not practice a monotonous way of teaching where you keep on speaking and make students sit as mere listeners. This can affect your first teaching class in many ways. Instead of this focus on involving students more and more. Ask questions to them, have group discussions, and other activities to make students participatory and interested in the classes.

Benefits of these tips

  • To gel up well with your students: having a welcoming nature and interacting with all the students on the first teaching day will help you gel with the new learners. This will make students also feel good, positive, and connected with you and your ways of teaching furthermore making the classroom effective.
  • Make classroom effective: with the use of technology and creating a proper lesson plan, teachers will be able to give more meaningful and understandable lectures to the students. On the first day as a teacher, your main aim is to make your classes effective. And all these tips will surely help you in this regard.
  • Will boost confidence: when teachers will have proper teaching plans and will have a good interactive class, they start feeling confident about their teaching skills. Also, with students receiving effective lectures from a new teacher, confidence in learning is boosted in them too.


On a first day or the first teaching class, being nervous, stressed along with excitement is common with all. But to overcome this nervousness and give the best of your teaching abilities the above-mentioned tips will help. All these tips will help teachers to make their first classes and lectures impacting, more meaningful, and effective for the learners.

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