How to flush alcohol out of your system?

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How to flush alcohol out of your system

It’s common in the US to drink alcohol. Some people want to get rid of hangover rapidly so they use different ways to flush alcohol out of their system rapidly. There are different ways to flush alcohol out of your body. But its complete detoxification can be done only by the body’s metabolic process naturally. In this guide, we have discussed how to flush alcohol out of your system. The most common way is to drink more water because it is noticed that 90% of the alcohol flushes out through the liver. 

Tips on how to flush alcohol out of your system:

The time taken by the body to flush the alcohol out of the system depends on different factors like how much alcohol is taken. If you have taken a large amount of alcohol then it will take more time to flush out of your system completely. If you want to detox alcohol from your body rapidly then the following tips must be helpful for you:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat balanced meal
  • Require time
  • Don’t take caffeine
  • Take tea
  • Do some exercises
  • Seek professional guidance
  • Take rest
  • Take a cold shower

Drink more water:

The most common method is to drink plenty of water. By drinking alcohol you feel tired and also notice some other effects. It also dehydrates your body so by drinking more water you keep your body hydrated and get rid of the effects of a hangover soon. 

Replenish electrolytes:

Drinking alcohol affects the amount of electrolytes (like calcium, phosphate, and magnesium) present in your body. Their decrease can cause headaches, vomiting, or fatigue. To avoid these problems you should take some healthy drinks like coconut water, ORS, or other drinks free of caffeine.

Take a balanced diet:

It is noticed that when your body is busy in the eating process then the absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream slows down. So, you should eat meals that are rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Do some exercises:

Another method for reducing hangover feelings is to perform some exercises to make yourself active. When you perform some simple exercises you will feel better because some amount of alcohol flushes out through sweating during performing exercise.

Take complete rest:

Another method is to take a complete rest. After some hours your body removes all amount of alcohol but for it, you have to wait patiently.

Don’t take caffeine:

Taking drinks containing caffeine can increase the dehydration of your body. So, in case of a hangover avoid taking such drinks that contain caffeine (like coffee).

Drink green tea:

As you know all those drinks that contain caffeine are not good in case of a hangover, that’s why drink herbal teas (like ginger tea, peppermint tea green tea, etc.) to keep your body hydrated and flush out alcohol rapidly.

Seek help of professionals:

If you face severe effects after drinking then you must consult healthcare professionals. They will guide you properly. You must follow the guidelines of your healthcare professional.

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