Host Your Giant Website With Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Hosting in Netherlands

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Comprehensive research is always essential while opting for any web hosting solution for your giant website. This enables you to pick the reliable and right web hosting service that accommodates your website needs and demands.


You can discover that there are various choices out there in the web industry, not only for the web hosting server but also related to the hosting service. Many web business owners begin hosting their website on a shared server as it is the cheapest option available in the market and, initially, the website might not have many requirements in terms of resources and other hosting privileges.


However, gradually when the necessities of their websites or businesses rise, they seek other flexible and robust web hosting solutions. When it comes to a high-demanding website, a Dedicated Server Netherlands serves as the perfect hosting solution. This is because the dedicated server brings in high processing power, great hosting flexibility, high availability of dedicated resources and numerous privileges.


Although it costs higher than other web hosting servers, the benefits tend to overpower the investment. Further, you must pick the trustworthy and recognized web host to make the best usage out of the Netherlands dedicated server hosting.


In this article, you will obtain insights into one such web host rendering the best-dedicated server in Netherlands at the most affordable pricing – Serverwala data center. Let us first begin with understanding the working and privileges of the dedicated server Netherlands.

Know About Dedicated Server Hosting

The Netherlands dedicated server hosting lets you have access to the whole server and its all resources for hosting a giant website. Unlike shared server hosting, you are not required to share your server space or resources with any other website unless you want.


The dedicated server enables the independent, private, and secure web hosting environment on which you get your complete authority. Moreover, with dedicated server hosting, you get the opportunity to acquire full freedom in hosting your website in the best possible way.

How Dedicated Server Can Manage Your Giant Website Easily?


Check out below the benefits and privileges you receive with the dedicated server Netherlands. They explain how a dedicated server in Netherlands lets you successfully host your website.

Complete Authority

You can acquire full root access to your dedicated server in Netherlands from your web host. With root control, you get the freedom to customize, configure, manage, and operate your server based on your website’s necessities.

Highest Uptime

With dedicated server hosting, your website gets the possibility to acquire maximum uptime and minimum downtime as you get access to scalable, dedicated resources. Moreover, you also get the support of powerful and resilient hardware.

Greater Data Protection

With the dedicated server Netherlands, your website acquires the private and isolated hosting environment that helps in keeping your data safe and secure from any unauthorized access. Moreover, you can also introduce various security measures at your end to ensure the highest level of data protection.

Intensified Performance

With the dedicated support, high availability of web resources, root control, and secure platform, your website only performs better. The best dedicated server Netherlands enables your website to deliver fastest and uninterrupted performance.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting By Serverwala

Serverwala has established itself as the most influential and top-leading data center worldwide. It has attained high recognition through various awards for rendering the best dedicated server Netherlands with hyper-scale services and cutting-edge facilities.


Here are the amazing advantages you can obtain with Serverwala dedicated server hosting –


  • The data center assures the support of top-tier equipment and robust hardware tools.
  • Your website gets the 99.90% uptime guarantee with redundant power and secure channels.
  • You can acquire SSH root access to your dedicated server with Hardware RAID and private VLAN subnets.
  • Serverwala ensures unlimited bandwidth, the highest network connectivity, and a free SSL certificate.
  • You also get the assurance of security-as-a-service with your Netherlands dedicated server hosting plan. The data center provides DDoS protection, end-to-end encryption, antivirus software, malware scan, and many other security features.

Price and Packages

There is an extensive array of Netherlands dedicated server hosting packages for different kinds of web businesses offered by Serverwala data center. With each package, you acquire the right to scale up and down the resources anytime based on your website needs.


Moreover, the costs of the dedicated server hosting plans have been kept affordable by the data center. Also, you get the 24/7 support of excellent technical and customer service via highly proficient experts and specialists who provide prompt and best solutions to all your queries and server issues you may face.

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