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Most of our files are in portable form. Business records, agreements, and learning material are kept as PDF documents in organization systems and the cloud. A business person may need to keep his records over the years in one file, a tutor to combine his teaching slides, and an institutional director keeps related info in one file.  

Worse even, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced people into remote working and learning, thus using a pdf editor to remain relevant to their commitments. Additionally, it’s now common to convert several Word and Excel reports to pdf format. Dealing with all these documents is stressful. You need the best pdf editor to assist you.

At Lumin, we offer a super-simple yet apt toolkit to help users combine files. We not only provide an affordable and free pdf text editor but complete guides to help you combine documents in a few minutes. Please read on for the easiest walkthrough to enable you to combine several files, whether offline or online. 

Viewing PDF files

Since we are going more paperless than any other time before, that means everyone must be conversant with document editors. Luckily, there is a chance for every customer and budget, and thus, you can choose our free pdf editor or premium packages to view or alter documents anytime. 

Sometimes you have an exam, and the notes are saved on your laptop. You can’t open the files without a unique software tailored for viewing. A quick search online reveals the various document-viewers available in these dire situations. You are lucky because Lumin offers an easy pdf editor that allows you to view the files. 

A great delight to you since we have provided easy-to-follow steps if you want to view files. First, just download and install a pdf reader. You can download either pdf editor for pc or our mobile app for Android or iOS users.  

After installing, launch the software or app and open the reader to access the documents saved in your storage. You can also drag and drop files into the software, view, edit, sign, and merge. 

Splitting and Merging PDF Files

The good news is that you can now join different portable files to form a single one or add pages from one file to another on a PDF editor for our PC and mobile devices. If you can view files, are you also able to edit, split and merge them? Worry less because, after viewing files, one of the easiest things to do is to edit, split and merge documents. 

You just have to deal with the Lumin pdf editing software. We help you split and merge several docs at your preferences and needs. Handling several documents can be tricky, especially when you lack the right tools and tutorials. When the pc is inaccessible, it is prudent to use a pdf editor app to view, edit and combine multiple documents.  

Whether you are thinking of cutting down document clutter or building a portfolio, the best pdf editor must be present. At Lumin, we give you an easy time when you want to split or merge files. We also have an online pdf editor if you haven’t installed our smartphone app or pc software. 

How Do You Combine Two or More PDFs?

Whether you are a student or an employee, you most probably have dealt with documents that demanded splitting and combining pages or even entire files. People view these processes as challenging at first. However, most people have realized that editing and mixing many files is as easy as cake once they have tried our packages. 

But wait! If you install the free package, how will you learn the nitty-gritty of file splitting or merging. When you select our editor, you can easily learn how to merge pdf and add to your IT skills. Here, we give you the right procedures. To combine a pdf file, you need to:

  1. Drag or choose the file and upload it to Lumin pdf. You are free to select as many documents as you want.
  2. Split the files by deleting unwanted pages.
  3.  Click merge to combine the remaining pages. 
  4. Save the finished work into the desired single document.

How to Combine PDFs Online

When you are commuting, and you need to quickly view, edit and combine files online, Lumin has your concerns in mind. The journey gets juicier when you can even edit pdf online free and merge changes immediately. In just a few clicks, you can combine documents without signing up on our website. Apply the following steps: 

  1. Upload the file
  2. Click the scissor icon on the relevant page to be splitted
  3. Click the reset button to undo changes
  4. Click save and combine the changed files

Which Order Will Merged PDF Files Follow?

With the rising pace of work and different vendors, customers have also struggled to get accurate tutorials. To learn how to combine files in the right order, you only need a simple step-by-step tutorial, and you are good to go. Just download, install, view, edit pdf file and merge whenever you want at zero cost. 

As soon as you add the documents you want to merge, you can reposition them in the required order. It is crucial to remember that the top document will appear as the first document in the merged document.  

How Many Pages Can I Add in a Merged PDF?

What is better than having the opportunity to merge as many files as you can? The Lumin pdf kit allows users to merge as many pages as they want and combine as many documents as possible. You can never fail to do an assignment, present a report or pitch a detailed business idea with the Lumin document-merging abilities. 

Our easy to use online pdf editor, mobile app or pdf pc software all have document-merging features with sizable limits as to the number of pages that can be merged. Never hesitate to try our zero-cost or standard products when you need a portable editor that can also convert and combine documents. 


Before you buy a pdf editor, you must first consider its user-friendliness. The best document editors have a simple interface and easy-to-learn tutorials. So, next time you want to view, edit and merge documents, consider a portable and plain kit that meets most of your needs. 

You must never forget that general wellness is improved when you can accomplish tasks without much stress. At Lumin, we have developed an easy pc pdf editor mac and Windows, Android and iOS apps, and a website to help you edit pdf file online. Contact us today, and our experts will gladly assist you in all your document needs.

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