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Are you searching for the most excellent and free forex indicators? If so, then you are in the right place. This article will introduce some of the best yet free forex indicators available, which have been most used and downloaded. These free indicators are compatible with MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Foreign exchange trading is exciting and fast-paced; it is one of the most assuring markets. On the other hand, foreign exchange trading is volatile, which means it is hard for newbie traders to experience consistent wins to become successful in this market. That is why today, I am providing here a collection of the best free indicators for MT4.

While these are the most common indicators, the trader must pick the most appropriate indicator to one’s personality. What is more, the trader must trade in the demo account first to have confidence prior to jumping into a real trading account.

Here is a List of Free Forex Indicators that you must consider:

Forex indicators play a very vital role in the failure or success of foreign exchange trading. This is simply because the forex indicators are accountable for triggering buy and sell signals.

1. CAP Channel Trading Indicator

This free forex indicator for the MT-4 platform is based on the lively channel plots created on the charts. The main thing about this kind of forex indicator is that it works in a sideways and trending market. CAP Channel Trading Indicator makes buy signal if the price bounds from the lower channel band, and it makes selling signal if the price reversed from the channel’s upper band.

2. Trend Magic Indicator

This is a very straightforward yet extremely powerful trend-based forex indicator. The basic concept behind this indicator is to buy if the trend line is blue and sell if the trend line is color red.

3. Automatic Trendline Indicator

This is one of the most popular and most used free forex indicators today. This is not a forex indicator itself; this specific algorithm is useful as it plots the indicators automatically on the chart, saving traders precious time. Trend lines are utilized through price action traders to be extremely valuable to those types of traders.

4. Forex Pattern 123 Indicator

This is also a reliable free forex indicator that is useful for wave traders out there as it is able to plot the possible waves on the chart automatically. This indicator can be helpful for pattern traders, Elliot wave traders, and harmonic pattern traders. 

5. Super Trend Profit Indicator

This free indicator is simple but very valuable and helpful. Because it works like a moving average, Super Trend Profit Indicator works best if the market is trending. Traders can utilize the Super Trend Profit Indicator like ADX for filtering when the market is trending. 

6. Heiken Ashi Exit Indicator

This is considered a trend following the foreign exchange trading indicator, one of the most civilized and decent trading indicators available to smooth the noisy forex market. The Heiken Ashi Exit Indicator is really a different form of candlestick chart because its open, low, high, and closed are created based on average historical values. Because of its averaging nature, the graph plotted by this forex indicator makes smoother and more reliable market signals.

7. Half Trend Buy Sell Indicator

If you are searching for a free technical indicator to help you succeed in forex trading, Half Trend Buy Sell Indicator is the best choice. This indicator is made based on trend as well as momentum. This is relatively quicker in spotting the reversals that assist traders in coming into the early phase of the market trend and exit when the market reverses. 

8. Zone Indicator

This is the simplest way of drawing historical support and resistance levels straight on the trading chart. This amazing tool is superb historical resistance and support based on foreign exchange trading indicators. 

This indicator also helps traders in determining probable areas of support and resistance and even possible swing low or high levels in the forex market. This is more accurate than utilizing conventional moving average lines, which lag and don’t properly plot many swings. 

9. MACD Candles V3 Indicator

The MACD Candles V3 Indicator provides information on the whereabouts of the market trend in different timeframes. The formations of candles are based on the formula of MACD. 


It is very vital to get used to the forex indicator prior to making a trade. The same forex indicator might function for one forex trader, and it might not work for your friend. Every forex indicator has different styles of trading when it comes to trades frequency, time frame as well as risk to reward ratio. 

First and foremost, traders have to know what type of trader they are. Some want to trade often and aggressively with a lower risk to reward ratio, while there are traders who are risk-averse and want to have massive profit. 

As a result, traders have to put enough time and effort into knowing the type of the forex indicator so that it goes along with the trading personality. There’s no forex indicator that will yield earnings all the time. 

The capability to get you out of the forex market if the signal is wrong is considered the most vital feature of the forex indicator, which distinguishes the best from the worse. Sometimes risk management as well as the regulation count over the technique itself.

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