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Different types of automatic above ground pool vacuum for algae

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Individuals can keep a pool on their property or buy a house with one. Since they want to benefit from a prize that can offer a pool. However, one of the central problems with them. What can they do to keep them spotless and healthy? However, you can set up a filtration structure in the actual pool. There are still a few places where the best above ground pool for algae can handle a vacuum. Before buying one, in any case. It is useful to know about the different types of cleaners available and their employment. This way you will see that you have to pay special attention while choosing any brand and model.

Pool Side Cleaners – These cleaners depend on the attractiveness of the pool and the filtration system. This is especially effective for cleaning the pool foundation without constantly holding the pool cleaner in your hand. It is fully programmed so that you can work on it alone.

One problem you can deal with is when a lot of leaves or other wandering plants fall into the pool. This closes the channels, so if you are in a green area, choose an alternative type of cleaner.

These are the least expensive types of pool cleaners you can find. So this is an incredible advantage.

Pressure Side Cleaner – This type of pool works on the strain provided by the vacuum water siphon. Unlike attraction 1, this reservoir uses a pack to hold soil from the pool. So you don’t have to worry about disrupting your channel.

The problem with these is that a few particles can really pass the pack. That is finally being used by the cleaner and back on the base.

Mechanical Swimming Pool Vacuum – This type of over-the-ground pool vacuum works freely on your pool’s filtration system. This means you don’t have to bother with their hose. They have an internal electric engine and are powered by electrical connections. They are ready to siphon the soil, grime and other debris found in your pool directly into the inner channels.

Automatic pool cleaners are the most expensive, costing about 400 400 to 2,000 2,000. Yet, despite the quality, this type of cleaner will work best. So you need to adjust your needs to the side of your fund.

When would it be reasonable for you to manually vacuum your pool?

It is advisable to vacuum your pool manually during the season when wind or severe weather creates excess dirt from using the pool. This includes removing deposits from the pool to help the filtration structure.

After a while when pool maintenance and water purification was not possible, green algae flower algae and large amounts of debris had to be removed from the water. Note that if it is too much to remove debris (leaves, for example) it is advisable to use a net first so that the pre-filter and filtration pump of the schema container do not get stuck unnecessarily.


No need to be afraid of head emptiness! Although a pool vacuum is ideal for manual use, why not just fight algae, you can take care of it with a little effort, lots of practical effort and some healthy patience.

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