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Chaz Bono weight loss

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Chaz Bono weight loss

Chaz Bono is an American writer, musician, and actor. His age is almost 53 years and before some years his weight was almost 183 pounds. He was at risk of different diseases because of his overweight, then he started losing his weight by the recommendations of his doctor.  And now he has lost 60 pounds and he is still losing his weight. He told people that if they want to lose weight then dieting is not a must rather they should change what they eat. In this article, we shall discuss how Chaz Bono loses his weight of 60 pounds.

The secret behind Chaz Bono weight loss:

Everyone wants to know how Chaz Bono loses 60 pounds. Here we have listed some tips that he had adopted for losing his weight.

  • He started losing weight in 2012, in the month of November, and in the next year 2013,  in the month of May after his great struggles, he has lost almost 60 pounds.
  • After his great struggles, he concluded that “ Diets do not work”.
  • He said that he likes to compete again in dancing with the stars. He also said that he still enjoys dancing and also takes dancing classes.
  • He said that I just changed my way of eating. I followed the instructions of my doctor. Bono said that “he likes cooking and he still cooks different stuff. He also gives training in martial arts. In short, he does many physical exercises to keep himself busy and active. He does not stop eating but he changed the way of his eating. That’s why he said that diets don’t work. You just have to change what you eat.
  • During this time, he avoids grains and starches.  And focused more on meat and vegetables. He also focuses more on fruits for between meals.
  • He told that in the start he used a Freshology meal plan. He cooked the meal in different ways to make everything interesting and enjoyable. But now he does not follow any meal plan and cook it in different ways.
  • In the words of Chaz Bono:

“ No sugar, no grains, no dairy except goat cheese, no white starches, portion control, and high-intensity workouts”.

This diet plan is adopted by him. So everyone who wants to lose weight should adopt this diet plan. He also said that:

“It’s not about dieting. It’s about changing habits forever”. Read more about 14 Tips to Stay Healthy at Your First Job.

The lifelong struggle of Chaz Bono against obesity and weight loss:

He struggled hard to lose his weight because doctors told him that he is at risk of many diseases because of his overweight and obesity. These are some best Chaz Bono weight loss exercises:

  • Low-intensity cardio:

This low-intensity cardio exercise helps beginners to lose calories and to lose weight. This exercise includes jogging, power walking, cycling, swimming, and aerobics.

  • Burpees

Burpees include pushups, jumps, and squads. It is an effective exercise because this exercise helps in burning the fats of the whole body.

  • Jumping rope:

This exercise is very effective as it improves cognitive function and coordination. Jumping rope increases your heart rate which helps you in burning 1300 calories per hour.

  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT):

This exercise can be done in a short time. So if you don’t have more spare time then this exercise is helpful because it can be done in a very short time.

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