Can Kratom Provide Relief From Chronic Pain?

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Can Kratom Provide Relief From Chronic Pain

Despite its popularity and promising therapeutic benefits, many still wonder about kratom’s safety. However, kratom has never let down its users regarding exerting potential health benefits. Kratom is a name of a coffee family plant native to Southeast Asia, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa. The plant has its roots in nations like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia as well.

For ages, people have been using the dried leaves of the kratom plant to make tea or turn them into capsules and process them into other health supplements globally. Moreover, the ancient kratom users chewed the kratom leaves raw and smoked them like tobacco. The two most active compounds: mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, found in kratom, works with the opioid receptors and bless the human body with multiple potential health benefits.

Chiefly, the use of kratom might be to get relief from pain, anxiety, and depression. This blog piece will explore what is royal kratom, its effect on chronic pain, and its other potential benefits. Keep reading till the end.

What is Royal Kratom?

There are a lot of kratom strains present in the market, and primarily they are classified into the green vein, red vein, or white vein kratom. However, a new variant has just come to the surface, and it is rare to discover these days. The Golden Maeng Da Kratom, also called royal kratom, is the one we are referring to here. Read more about The 7 Deadly Sins of Exhaustion and How to Get Better.

The gold maeng da kratom might not be as influential as red, green, or white may be agreed. However, its increased alkaloid content is potent for uplifting mood. If you are not feeling okay or need a little extra help to survive the long day, golden maeng da might be your best friend in both conditions. As the gold maeng da kratom strain is believed to be the most potent strain, start with 1 gram of its daily dosage. You may increase the dose by as much as 5 grams until you build tolerance.

Can Kratom Provide Relief From Chronic Pain?

Now that we have given a gist of royal kratom, it’s time to understand its influence on acute pain symptoms in the body. Nearly 21% of U.S. adults suffer from chronic pain. Approximately 50,000 deaths can be prevented with arthritis medications like ibuprofen, and 5,000 deaths from prescribed narcotics usage as directed in a year if we treat chronic pain as a real problem.

The good thing is that one can alleviate conditions like chronic pain with both natural supplements and prescribed drugs. Moreover, several organic supplements like hemp, marijuana, and kratom might also contribute to real-life chronic pain relief. For instance, researchers believe that using a unique natural mixture called Curamin, a blend of glucosamine and chondroitin might prove more satisfactory than arthritis medications. The possibility of using these substances is so scalable that it could save over 50,000 lives per year!

But all this is possible only with government regulations. The cost of carrying a single treatment through the F.D.A. regulatory system is anywhere from $100 million to $2.6 billion. And as no one can pay this much for non-patentable therapies, the naturally safe and low-cost generic ingredients like kratom leave behind without being effectively publicized or discussed.

Furthermore, nothing has results equivalent to no side effects and is no exception. However, compared to other chronic pain medications, kratom might have the most negligible drawback because of its herbal nature.

Kratom is a natural opioid. So, it comes with a risk of dependence, tolerance, and withdrawal-like all other opioids. But with compounds like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (13x more potent than morphine), kratom has the potential to bind with the opioid receptors in the body. Because of its bond with the opioid receptors, kratom might switch off specific signals in the brain and allow the human body to assume there’s no pain. That said, a reduction in pain perception results in chronic pain relief.

Other Potential Health Benefits of Kratom

Can Kratom Provide Relief From Chronic Pain

Kratom is no less than any other bliss to add to your daily wellness regimen. Besides aiding acute pain and related symptoms, kratom might do many other things.

Libido Enhancement – Kratom has aphrodisiac effects that might result in libido enhancement. Thanks to it, kratom might become an excellent plant-based sexual enhancer in your life.

Mood-Boosting – The potential mood-boosting effects of kratom are impeccable. A daily dose of any kratom supplement might save you from the withdrawal symptoms of ethanol and morphine.

Depression Elimination – A study showed how long-term use of kratom without any escalation in the dose helped a 63-year-old man control his depression symptoms.

Anxiety Relief – Along with this, kratom might help keep anxiety and related symptoms at bay. Most kratom users intake kratom to feel confident before hitting a social gathering or event.

Energy Boosting – Lastly, kratom might act as a brilliant energy booster. Most people use it as a morning coffee substitute, while some blend both. The coffee-like effects of a few kratom strains might help you stay active, energetic, and alert during the day.

The Final Words

Because of unapproved by the F.D.A., kratom is not yet legally marketed in the U.S. Moreover, the F.D.A. does not regulate kratom and kratom products’ sales and distribution. Still, there are millions of kratom users not only in the states but worldwide. No doubt, consumers are entirely accountable for kratom consumption.

The deal with kratom consumption is that regular users find it effective in conditions like pain relief. Hence, they aren’t much concerned about the F.D.A. approval. Even in real life, rheumatologists are open to discussing kratom as a pain relief option under a healthcare provider’s guidance. We recommend finding reliable kratom vendors offline or online and purchasing from them only.

Only trustworthy vendors are transparent about what they put into kratom products, like Kratom Extract Chewables. Plus, look after those brands that give you dosage guidelines with the product. It will save you from doing the trial and error method to define a dose that works for you

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