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7 Jobs That Involve Travel

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7 Jobs That Involve Travel

Gathering experiences and exploring new places through traveling is many people’s dream. However, not everyone can afford to travel often. If you are really into traveling but don’t have the budget for it, picking a job that involves traveling is a good idea. With so many jobs that include domestic and international locations, choosing the right fit for your skills is easy. In this post, we share the top jobs that involve travel and pay well!

1. Truck driver

If you are into traveling, then a truck driver might be the perfect job for you. In addition, this job guarantees a good salary and bonuses. Why? Because currently, there is a shortage of truck drivers across the US. Keep in mind that the average CDL truck driver salary is $80,776 per year. Also, you have the flexibility to choose which days you will work and which destinations you will cover. With plenty of free time, you can discover so many new destinations. 


2. Blogger

Being a travel blogger is a pretty lucrative job. Although it seems too simple, keep in mind that this job can be complex. It is all about capturing the experiences and sharing your travels with your fans. You need to take high-quality photos and videos and share helpful travel tips. Travel bloggers earn from advertising products or services. 


3. Business consultant

A business consultant will identify the company’s pain point and suggest improvement solutions. Many small and large businesses would pay for consulting services to increase profitability. If you have the expertise, you can travel internationally to share it with others. You will help identify the weaknesses, create new strategies, and stay until the business is back on track. 


4. Cruise ship chef

If you are excellent at cooking, this is your opportunity to travel the world. Cruise ship chefs will prepare meals for the crew and guests, ensuring their needs are met. They will perform the same duties as a regular chef plus the traveling opportunity. The cruise chef will usually work for a couple of months with a few weeks’ break. Read more about 14 Tips to Stay Healthy at Your First Job.


5. Flight attendant

A flight attendant is one of the top jobs that includes traveling. They will take care of safety on board and serve meals and drinks to the passengers and crew. In addition, they will perform additional duties on the ground. With international flights, flight attendants usually get layovers of a couple of days. If you want to visit exotic destinations that you would not be able to see otherwise, this job is for you. However, keep in mind that you will need to fulfill the strict criteria by the specific airline you apply for. 


6. Teaching English overseas

If you are good at teaching, you can teach English in other countries. Usually, teachers work based on contracts anywhere between a couple of months to two years. The job consists of standard tasks like teaching students how to read, write, and talk. Also, the working hours are regular school hours, and you are free to explore the destination in your spare time. 


7. Training specialist

The need for trained and skilled employees is constantly growing. In addition, businesses want to enhance employee retention and deliver value for them. Therefore, companies are willing to pay training specialists to teach their employees. The work involves creating training programs, conducting workshops, group activities, and other tasks connected with a specific goal. As a training specialist in a particular niche, you will travel to companies needing training. You can explore the city and feel like a tourist in your free time and leave all your baggage related worries at Luggage Storage Seattle at affordable prices and relax, work and enjoy.

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