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5 Tips For A Fun Yet Functional Bathroom Remodel For Kids

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Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t have to be a tiresome and boring endeavor; in fact, it can be a pleasant and satisfying project that provides both functionality and fun elements for your kids. According to the 2022 census, 20.7% of Tucson’s population comprises kids under 18. This shows that nearly a quarter of the city’s population are minors. Hence, it would be wise to invest in kid-friendly bathrooms, not just for your family but also since these restrooms would attract potential buyers should you decide to sell later.

In this post, we’ll delve into some useful advice and suggestions to help you turn a bathroom into a safe and practical space that properly satisfies the requirements of your little explorers while maintaining a tidy and stylish ambiance.

1.    Kid-Friendly Fixtures

It’s essential to upgrade fixtures with safety and accessibility in mind when remodeling a bathroom for children. Start by using faucets with knobs that are simple to use, such as ones with lever handles or touchless ones. Moreover, to make the sink more accessible for kids, adjust its height. They can comfortably wash their hands by reaching the faucet if the sink is lower. Additionally, think about installing a strong, non-slip step stool. The step stool will encourage independence in children’s daily routines by allowing them to reach the sink and mirror without exertion or the need for help.

Consider strategically putting grab bars, as these can help kids maintain their balance and prevent slips and falls around the bathtub or shower area. To hold the weight of toddlers and adults, make sure the grasp bars are firmly mounted.

Since Tucson has a hot desert climate with cool winters, you won’t have to worry too much about mold buildup. Hence, search for the best Tuscon shower replacement company online and opt for fixtures that look stylish but are also easy for your kids to use.

2.  Colorful and Playful Design

Choosing colorful tiles or painting the walls in cheery colors can also make a big difference in creating a fun and welcoming ambiance. Consider choosing tiles with striking, vivid patterns or gradients. The right tiles, including mosaic patterns with vivid colors or creative shapes, can infuse the bathroom with vigor and excitement. To add a sense of enthusiasm to the room, use these tiles as accent pieces or in larger sections.

Alternatively, if you’d rather paint the walls, use vibrant colors that go well with the bathroom’s general design. Sunny yellows, ocean blues, grassy greens, or brilliant pinks are examples of strong, upbeat colors that may instantly improve mood and foster a joyful environment.

If it’s feasible, use natural light to foster a warm atmosphere. Allowing maximum natural light to enter the bathroom will brighten the area and create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Also, consider putting up translucent or frosted window coverings that can let enough light through while maintaining privacy.

3.  Multi-functional Storage

An essential component of a kid-friendly and practical bathroom is, in fact, adequate storage. The restroom can be kept neater and more easily navigated by parents and children if the area is well-organized. Choose multi-purpose storage options that are suitable for both adults and children.

Consider adding lower cabinets or shelves that are simple for kids to access. Kids will be able to access their towels, toiletries, and bath toys independently due to these lower storage spaces, which will help them develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for their possessions. Moreover, they will find it simpler to clean up after themselves if they have a specific area for their belongings.

You can also use hanging baskets or wall-mounted organizers to optimize your storage space, as these may be useful and aesthetically pleasing. Hairbrushes, combs, and toothbrushes may be stored in wall-mounted organizers for the bathroom while hanging baskets can be used as fun storage for toys or other small objects. Furthermore, make the most of vertical storage solutions if you don’t have much space. Install ceiling-height shelves or cabinets to store spare supplies or less commonly used goods.

4.  Slip Resistant Flooring

Due to water splashes and wet surfaces, bathrooms can be naturally slick places, so safety must be given top priority. Choose slip-resistant flooring materials to reduce the risk of falls. For a bathroom that is kid-friendly, non-slip tiles are wonderful options. In locations that are more likely to get wet, such as next to the bathtub or shower, non-slip tiles frequently include textured surfaces that improve traction and lower the risk of accidents.

Another excellent option is rubber flooring, renowned for its toughness and slip resistance. It provides a cushioned, supple surface perfect for kids who might be more prone to slipping or accidentally falling. Rubber flooring is also simple to maintain, which is a useful perk for any busy home.

Furthermore, consider materials that are water-resistant when choosing slip-resistant flooring. This helps stop water from penetrating the flooring and eventually causing leakage. Your children’s restroom environment will be safer with greater durability if you use materials that are both water- and slip-resistant.

5.  Personalize with Accessories

The addition of repositionable decals or stickers to the tiles or walls is a fantastic choice. Children’s favorite characters, animals, or topics can be depicted on these decals, representing their personalities and hobbies. Removable decals also have the advantage of being simple to alter as your kids’ tastes develop over time.

Additionally, use funny and vibrant items to improve the family-friendly ambiance. Pick toothbrush holders with attractive shapes or brilliant colors that your kids will enjoy using. Look for soap dispensers shaped like animals, cartoon characters, or other amusing forms to make washing up fun.

Another great touch to complete the kid-friendly decor is themed shower curtains. A themed shower curtain can let your children escape into a fantasy world while taking a bath, whether it features space exploration, underwater adventures, or their favorite storybook characters.


Kids’ bathroom remodeling presents an opportunity to design a practical area that engages their imagination and makes daily tasks entertaining. You may design a bathroom that your kids will like by combining colorful colors and kid-friendly fixtures and making safety-conscious design decisions. Strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, making the area both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Happy renovation!

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