5 Reasons Why Stuffed Crust Pizza Is Still Going Strong

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Ever since Italian immigrants introduced pizza to America in the late 1800s it has been a favorite treat. The combination of crispy crust with tangy tomato sauce and melting cheese is simply irresistible.

It may appear that after 100 years as a go-to dish across the country there would be nothing new to make pizza exciting. But Papa Johns is sure that their Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza has some delicious tricks up its sleeve that will keep you coming back for more.

Stuffed crust pizza is a delicious twist on the original formula, where you will find hot melty cheese inside the edge of the crust. This innovation turned the most thrown-away part of the slice into the most coveted. Read on to see why stuffed crust pizza is still going strong.

The Satisfaction of Pulling Apart Those Slices

When you pull apart the slices of your pizza nothing beats the satisfaction of the gooey cheese stretching out of the crust. That hot, melty cheese inside of the crust makes it perfect to save for your last bites. Be sure to have extra pizza sauce on hand to dip your stuffed crust in.

Adding Your Favorite Toppings, Too

Not only can your order your favorite toppings, like sausage pizza, with a stuffed crust, but you can also have your favorite topping stuffed in along with the cheese. When you take your slice of Epic Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza and take a bite of that amazing stuffed crust, you will not only find hot gooey cheese but even more of that pepperoni you crave. It’s a treat that can’t be beat.

The Challenge of Recreating the Crust at Home

While the idea of a stuffed crust sounds pretty straightforward, the execution is anything but. You can try to make your own stuffed crust pizza at home but you may find it hard to perfect. You may think, “With a Papa Johns pizza delivery near me why would I bother to do this myself?’ No one would blame you for just ordering one instead.

Delicious To the Very Last Bite

Used to throwing away the edges of your pizza? Only want to eat the center of the slice with its delicious sauce and cheese? Now you will want to eat every last bite of your pizza. The delectable stuffed crust makes every last bite of your pizza worth eating. No more wasting half of the pizza you paid for because you’re only in it for the cheese.

Have the Best Stuffed Crust Pizza Right at Home

Are you wondering, “How do I find a stuffed crust pizza near me?” Papa Johns has over 5100 stores in all 50 states. Just about everyone in America has a delicious stuffed crust pizza that is only a phone call away. The availability of this treat keeps its popularity going strong across the country.

Stuffed crust pizza is an American favorite that you cannot miss. Order one for yourself today and see why this delicious pizza innovation is still going strong.

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