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Rakhi Gifting

Rakhi is one of India’s most celebrated festivals. Every year, on the auspicious day of Shravana Purnima, it is commemorated. It’s a time to honor the special link that exists between brothers and sisters. The sister ties the sacred thread around her brother’s hand, symbolizing her love for him. In exchange, the brother vows to look after her and keep her safe. Following that, presents are exchanged. This is a happy time when the entire family gathers to celebrate this unique familial link. It is an occasion that exalts the ethereal bond that exists between a brother and his sister.

Raksha Bandhan literally means “chain of protection” in English. So, it is thought that by tying a Rakhi thread, a sister supports the march of good times in her brothers’ lives. Sacred threads of protection are often tied on the wrists of sisters-in-law by girls. In India, these Rakhis are referred to as Lumbas.

“The Great Indian Diaspora” has led to a lot of the population moving out of the country and settling down in places like the USA, the UK, Australia, and many more countries to pursue their education or jobs. This has led to the empty nest syndrome. It is rather a sad reality that families can’t celebrate festivals together. With widespread access to the internet and the advent of a lot of e-commerce stores that specialize in e-gifting, people can still celebrate special occasions with their families by sending gifts to India. If you want to Send Rakhi to India you can do that very easily.

These e-gifting portals have come up with new and stylish gifting ideas to satisfy the current Rakhi gifting trends in online shopping. The Rakhi Puja Thalis is the first thing that should be discussed. This is a popular and useful gift option. Breaking away from the usual traditions, a confluence of traditional and contemporary trends, designer rakhis, quirky rakhis, and many more. Read more about 4 Sympathy Gift Ideas They’ll Appreciate.


Personalized rakhi presents are another trendy gifting trend. Personalized presents have become increasingly popular in recent years. Personalized presents, such as t-shirts and mugs, make recipients feel valued. Rakhi can also be sent with personalized presents. This is a great way to cherish the moments spent together and celebrate your sibling bond.


You’ll also find a variety of Rakhis or Lumbas for Bhabhis, as well as some outstanding Rakhi, presents to send to India to wow your beloved sibling. When it comes to bhaiya bhabhi gifts, you can opt for things that celebrate their togetherness or things that come in handy in everyday life.

For example, couple watches, couple mugs, couple t-shirts, etc.

Most e-commerce sites divide their merchandise into areas such as Gifts for Brothers, Gifts for Sisters, Gifts for Kids, and so on. Over the last few years, all of these types of e-gifting concepts have been hugely popular.

Another trend would be choosing rakhi gifting according to the age group, taste, and preferences of your siblings.

  •  Gifts for kids: Soft Toys, School Accessories, Games, Cars & Dolls, Watches
  • Gifts for Teens: Watches, Vouchers, Game Consoles, Mobiles, Apparels and accessories, Backpacks, Deodorants
  • Gifts for Working Professionals: Laptop Bags, cufflink set, apparels and accessories, Wallet Belts, Sunglasses
  • Gifts for seniors: Traditional Watches, Fitness Trackers, Health Monitoring Devices
  • Hobby gifts- cooking ( culinary hamper), knitting( sewing hamper), fitness freak ( gym accessories), gardening ( gardening hamper)


As a result, when Rakhi arrives this year, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the festivities. Even if you are far away from home, you can still participate in Rakhi by sending presents to your Indian siblings. Send something you think will bring a smile to your siblings’ faces from a vast variety of options. Most e-gifting services accept all major foreign currencies and cards, making it easier for you to choose and send some of the current Rakhi gifting trends to India. You can also keep track of the orders’ progress.

So, don’t forget to send Rakhi to India to brighten up your sibling’s special occasion.


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