The Must-Have Features in a Ford Explorer for Sale

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Ford Explorer for Sale

If you’re looking for a new vehicle that seamlessly marries safety and style, look no further than the Ford Explorer. This iconic SUV has been a favorite among families and adventure seekers and for a good reason. In this article, you can look closer at the essential features that make the Ford Explorer a top choice for those seeking both safety and style in a vehicle, especially those eyeing a ford explorer for sale in long beach.


When it comes to traversing the roads and beyond, safety is paramount. This vehicle provides a range of safety features that offer you peace of mind during every journey.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

Navigate the bustling streets and highways of Long Beach with confidence, thanks to the Ford Explorer’s adaptive cruise control. This feature helps maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead, adjusting your speed to match traffic conditions.

  • Lane-Keeping System

Stay on the right track with the Lane Keeping System, which uses sensors to monitor your vehicle’s position within the lane. If unintentional drifting is detected, the system provides subtle steering inputs to guide you back to the center.

  • Blind Spot Information System

Long Beach’s dynamic traffic demands awareness, and the Blind Spot Information System has your back. This system alerts you when a vehicle enters your blind spot, enhancing your awareness and reducing the risk of potential collisions.

Stylish Rides:

While safety is paramount, there’s no reason to compromise on style. It effortlessly combines safety features with aesthetic appeal, making every ride stylish.

  1. Striking Exterior Design

From its bold front grille to its sleek contours, its exterior exudes a commanding presence that turns heads on the streets of Long Beach. The trim options and stylish accents allow you to customize the Explorer to match your unique taste.

  1. Luxurious Interior Comfort

Step inside the Ford’s cabin and experience comfort and sophistication. Premium materials, ample legroom, and intuitive controls create an inviting space that makes every journey enjoyable.

  1. Innovative Infotainment

Stay connected and entertained on your adventures with Ford’s cutting-edge infotainment system. From navigation to music streaming, the intuitive interface ensures you’re always in control and connected.

key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Assess Your Needs

Think about how you plan to use your Ford. Are you seeking a spacious family SUV or a vehicle for your adventurous expeditions? Understanding your needs will help you choose the right trim level and features.

  1. Research Trim Levels

It offers various trim levels, each with its features and amenities. Research the available options to find the one that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

  1. Test Drive

Nothing beats the experience of sitting behind the wheel. Schedule a test drive to get a feel for how this vehicle handles on roads and to ensure that it meets your comfort and driving expectations.

  1. Safety Features

Consider the safety features that matter most to you. From advanced driver assistance systems to airbags and safety ratings, this vehicle prioritizes your well-being on every journey.

Getting Your Perfect Ford:

As you set your sights on a ford explorer for sale in long beach, consider the fusion of safety and style this remarkable SUV offers. Whether navigating bustling streets or embarking on weekend getaways, this vehicle caters to your every need, blending advanced safety features with a design that captures your attention.

In Long Beach’s dynamic environment, the Ford Explorer is a testament to Ford’s commitment to crafting vehicles that prioritize your safety without compromising elegance. So, take the wheel of a Ford  vehicle and experience the harmony of safety and style that elevates your driving experience to new heights.

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