What is apollo animal crossing?

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apollo animal crossing

Apollo is a great sight for the United States. This is the bald eagle, the national symbol of the United States, which in recent years has become another meme, but on the day of Apollo and falls on July 4, or Independence Day of the country. Even if it’s not a joke, references to “freedom” or other American-related cracks are generally assumed to be a leap in the Apollo 11 space program, and “Apollo” is the US initiative that attracted the first humans to the moon. In addition, the monthly Apollo 11 “call”, “Eagle” and bald eagle modules were listed on the mission patch.
Apollo has been part of the Animal Crossing series since its inception and will probably be a joke for Eagle Bald, USA. A lively eagle officer, Apollo has existed since the beginning of the Animal Crossing series and seems to be in every game since then, even in Animal Crossing, New Horizons. Read more about how can you freeze mushrooms?

But, like the capricious eagle, a resident of the village Animal Crossing, but it is also a reference to the Greek god Apollo, who is known to have been an arrogant man who is like Apollo in the world of Animal Crossing. That is, most of the villagers are capricious, and Apollo will be aggressive, in most cases he has more friends than other villagers, then he crosses animals with the villagers. They are very upset if the player does not agree with them, and Apollo in particular will spread rumors even in his spare time, especially so that the villagers are already there.

New Leaf, Apollo, is well known for playing Kk a Soulful in their music to reveal perhaps the song “Lean On Me”. But with the arrival of a new day, Apollo began playing Kk in the Rock, which may be a reference to its American design. From the beginning of the series, in your own home, the most fashionable furniture today, is like modern beds and modern lamps and other elements mixed by the fact that it is a dining machine, a mini table for a new adventure.

His favorite clothes are elegant clothes, cold and simple, but black, a wonderful gift for high-level officers like in Apollo and he wears a symbolic, black Flight jacket with his usual clothes and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In addition, her favorite style, in front of you a new horizon, where rock and roll. Outside his house – in recent years, Animal Crossing has been like a regular black and white design.

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