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10 Modern Pergola Ideas to Try in 2023

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Modern Pergola Ideas

Pergolas are all the rage. Many homeowners have them. You can buy them relatively cheaply in 2023. You might get a black 12 x 16 pergola you and your family can enjoy. We’ll also discuss some modern pergola ideas in the following article.

The Outdoor Bar:

You might set up an outdoor bar beneath your pergola. You can install a bar with all the liquors and accessories you like. Then, you can invite friends over for casual cocktail hours.

The Outdoor Dining Room:

You might buy a outdoor dining room table and chairs and set them under your pergola. This can be a popular destination for your friends and neighbors. You may want some citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away, though.

The Outdoor Living Room:

You can also buy a couple of couches and loveseats and install them under your pergola. Just be sure you also purchase protective coverings for them when you are not using them.

The Fire Pit:

You can install a fire pit and some seats around it under your pergola. You can roast some marshmallows or sit under the blankets around the fire on chilly nights and tell ghost stories.   

The Outdoor Bistro:

You might have a cooking area outdoors under your pergola. You may have a table and some chairs, and you can also think about installing a pizza oven. You can make wood-fired pizzas and set them on the table when they’re hot and bubbly.

The Romantic Getaway:

Modern Pergola Ideas

You can set up a swing and some scented candles under your pergola. Maybe that will be your love nest for you and your spouse or partner. You might even bring a new romantic interest back there if you’re single.

The Tiki Lounge:

You can get some tiki-inspired decorations and set them up under your pergola. You can buy high-end ones if you can afford them, but you can usually get tiki-themed decorations at your local dollar store.

The Game Area:

You might set up a game area under your pergola. You can play ping pong, have a cornhole tournament, or play darts or beer pong. You might also set up a TV if you have an outdoor outlet to plug one in. You can hang out back there and watch your alma mater if they have a football or basketball team.

The Secluded Oasis:

You might want your pergola to be your quiet, secluded oasis if the world is stressing you out too much. You can have curtains around the pergola that you can draw so that no one can see you when you’re back there. You can meditate or take a nap away from any prying eyes.

The Clubhouse:

If you have kids, maybe you’ll be generous and let them have the pergola all to themselves. They might spend time back there with board games, video games, or playing with Legos. Your kids will probably think of you as their hero if you give them a secluded place to play they can call their own.

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