What is a hairline scalp tattoo?

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hairline scalp tattoo

Hair loss and thinning are caused by many factors, it can either be from genetics, medical, or other external factors such as stress, diet, etc. But nowadays, there are many ways to treat and reduce hair loss. One of these methods is a hairline scalp tattoo, a very effective type of treatment that can help the growth of hair in balding spots. In this article, we’ll be discussing more details about hairline scalp tattooing and its advantages.

Hairline scalp tattoo

Also called scalp micropigmentation(SMP) is a type of non-surgical procedure for bald or hair thinning. This procedure is similar to tattooing, it requires applying natural pigment colors into the scalp with the use of tiny needles and having an illusion of short hair on the balding area, making it look more like a realistic shaved head. The procedure takes about two to three sessions, depending on the situation of your hair and what you what it to look like, as you undergo each session, the pigments will look darker and fuller.

Just like ordinary tattoos, hairline scalp tattoos fade over time. It tends to look lighter in shade and might look softer, so clients who have gone through scalp micropigmentation might need to maintain it every after four to six years to keep it consistent. 

Why should you have a hairline scalp tattoo?

Going through a hairline scalp tattoo is affordable and more effective than taking pills or certain remedies, it is also affordable and available to the public, unlike other hair transplant treatments, hairline tattoos do not require surgery and there is no risk of any scarring.

SMP or hairline scalp tattoos can hide certain scars on your head(such as surgery scars) in a very subtle way. It’s also easier to maintain and requires little to no recovery time. Having this procedure is low-maintenance compared to other procedures, as it doesn’t take too long to have the process completed and all you have to do for maintenance is have a haircut every once in a while to make your hair look evened out with the areas where SMP is applied and have it retouched every four to six years.

Process of hairline scalp tattoos

  • Have a consultation with your doctor, you will need to discuss your goals and he/she will meet your needs and give advice on what would look natural on your head and answer your queries and concerns. 
  • Once you have completed the consultation, a schedule will be set for your SMP sessions. Depending on your needs, it will take around two to three sessions to complete the procedure. 
  • Each session will be a few hours long, and there will be at least a 10-14 day gap per session. Within those 10-14 days, your scalp will have some time to heal on its own and the pigments will be more evident as it rests. 
  • When it comes to healing after the sessions are completed, there are some things you should avoid for about three to four weeks:
  • Shampooing your head
  • Swimming
  • Steam rooms/sauna
  • Scrubbing your head
  • Tanning beds
  • Excessive sweating
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