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How to unlock a door with a bobby pin

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How to unlock a door with a bobby pin

Can I unlock a door with a bobby pin?

Yes, you can easily open any lock using a bobby pin, but the single required condition is that, you should be very well familiar with the right and accurate way to move this task into the depth of completion. If you know how to do this, then it is definitely an interesting work and enable you to get access to something that is locked. The procedure including some important steps are as given below:

  • First, take any bobby pin and open it in such a way that both the ends are away from each other by forming L shape and the angle between these ends should be the right angle triangle, apparently shown as a bent structure.
  • There is a rubber tip on the tip of the bobby pin which dampens its sharp edge, and you have to remove that rubber tip before you open any lock. It is necessary as this rubber tip may get stick into the lock and may interrupt the procedure. To remove this tip, you may use blade or other equipment and in the absence of the equipment, you can use your nails or teeth.
  • Then, insert the bobby pin one to two centimeters into the lock and rotate it until you feel some movement in the doorknob.
  • After the rotation of bobby pin, it will take the shape of a mug. If it does not happen, it means you are failed in rotating pin in correct way.

These instructions can guide you in solving this issue and allow you to deal with how to unlock a door with a bobby pin.

Can you do the same process without any hairpin?

It is somehow difficult than doing this process with a pin, but can be performed for this purpose by adapting some instructions and precautions. You can use some other equipment like fork, knife, needle, screwdriver, credit card, paper clip, pen, etc for opening the locked doors. If the lock is double layered then the procedure may be repeated several times. Read more about How to unlock door with hole?

Can you open every type of door lock without key?

You can open bed room, wash room or even the room of kitchen without keys by using different strategies or equipment. If you want to open the lock with bobby pin, then by following the instructions given above, you can unlock the lock when the rotation of pin causes the shaking of the lock and force it to get open. Read more about How to break a lock? Read more about How to Handle a Car Accident: Pro Advice

How to open the lock with a knife?

It is somehow sounds strange to know that you can open the lock with knife. It is a little bit tricky task to unlock the doors but is very interesting. Put the edge of knife into the hole of the lock and then rotate it until you feel a vibration in the lock and it will open to show you the result of your effort.

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