How to have a strong eyebrow game

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How to have a strong eyebrow game

Gone are the 2000s when the pencil-thin brows were in, and women had to spend countless hours plucking the fine hair to give themselves a caterpillar-shaped brown that gave them the stern look.

Women who had thick lashes back in the day had to pour hours over the mirror, taking in the pain from plucking the hair. But now, the tables have turned. It is the thick eyebrows that are in fashion, but the plucking challenge remains still.

Thick or thin eyebrows need grooming. Few lucky souls are born with obedient brows that are perfectly symmetrical. The other peasant souls have to toil harder than studying for their GCSEs to make their eyebrows look thick and related.

You can use products to grow thicker brows, but always patch test, as otherwise, it may lead to skin problems or allergic reaction, which then requires the help of the Best Skin Specialist in Lahore.

Micro Feathering for All: Catering to Different Brow Types

Grooming them at home

Let’s be honest, it is not always possible to go to the beauty salon to have a professional do your eyebrows. If the pandemic has taught you one thing, it is that you should learn the pertinent and possible grooming tricks at home. In this endeavor, here are some helpful tricks to do:

Find your shape

You cannot know how to groom your brows unless you know the shape. The trick for determining the shape is fairly simple; take a long pencil, and place it against your nose, such that it runs parallel to the structure of your nose.

At the neutral vertical position, the part where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where your brows should start. You can take a nude or white pencil to mark this point. Then, keeping the bottom of the pencil still, move it so that is in the middle of your iris, that is where the arch will be. Then, move the pencil farther so that it aligns with the end of your end, that is where your brow should end as well.

The grooming guide

Now that you know your shape, you can get to work. Make sure that there is plenty of light where you are, and that you have a trust tweezer or thread with you. Also, keep a spoolie and facial scissors handy.

Different treatment options

If you do not want to trim or tweeze your hair, there are other ways you can groom your eyebrows, although they require the help of an expert. These include:

Brow tinting

Brow tinting is more about giving the illusion of thicker lashes. The process is similar to how you would use a brow pencil to fill in the blank areas, except tints last longer.


You can also have the extra hair waxed away. The beautician will apply wax to the hair in the middle and around the forehead. This wax is then either rolled up or removed using a cloth.


Another technique that you can use to shape and fill your brows is microblading. It involves using a needle and pigment to draw fine strokes that resemble the shape of your hair, so it looks as if it is your natural hair and not color. The thick brows then await you.

However, proceed with this process with caution. Anywhere there is the use of blades, only consult professionals who use quality equipment and are properly trained. Otherwise, it may lead to skin issues that require the intervention of your Skin specialist in Karachi then.

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