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Content Calendar

Are you looking for ways to automate the way you distribute your content? Are you tired of implementing the same piece of content into each social media platform by hand? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about finding the right content calendar template. Doing so can help you learn all you can about the awesome content management software out there. Even better, some of these are free to start, if not entirely free, so that you can find your footing. Here is a list of the best free content calendar template examples to help you with strategic posting.


If you’ve ever looked into social media content management before, we’re confident you’ve heard of Hootsuite. It’s regarded as one of the most effective social media tools for small businesses, and good reason! Perhaps its finest feature is the ability to control all of your social media accounts from one easy-to-use interface. No confusion, no frustration, just time-hacking productivity. Customers enjoy using it for things like:

  1. Share information across all of your various platforms
  2. Look at all of your social media accounts from a 300-foot view
  3. Gain insight into your social media activity (and customer engagement) via free reports
  4. Pre-schedule your posts to as many accounts as you wish
  5. Monitor the activity in real-time

The list goes on and on. Whether you’re a content manager looking for a way to monitor the success or a company owner looking to cut down on daily tasks, Hootsuite can get it done. While Hootsuite does charge for access to some of its features, there’s a free plan that allows you to schedule your content. It’s perfect for those of you that strictly want access to a content calendar. Breckyn Willis Instagram: Cause the Popularity of Breckyn Willis


Just like Hootsuite, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that hadn’t heard of the name “HubSpot” in the digital marketing marketplace. HubSpot is far more of a Customer Relations Management (CRM) software than anything else, but it has a great content calendar template to help you organize your marketing objectives.

The template is free for anyone to download and serves its purpose of helping you remember what content you should be gearing up for the days/weeks ahead. Keep in mind that HubSpot created this free template with the intent that it be applied to their software, so the template itself has some limitations.


Perhaps you have a larger staff and need a way to monitor their projects from afar. Maybe you want to streamline the efficiency of your marketing team and the content they create. Whatever the case might be, you won’t find a better application for it than Trello. This web-based app has become world-renowned for its many uses. It can benefit your company in several ways, such as:

  1. Easily adding or removing members for your team
  2. Overseeing the progress of projects in real-time
  3. Getting notifications for virtually anything you want
  4. An easy-to-understand interface that lessens training time

Trello’s content calendar capabilities might surpass Hootsuite’s in one major way: it’s geared more towards larger groups. As we mentioned, you can see where each project is progressing in real-time with Trello. That makes content scheduling easier because your entire team (if you so choose) will be able to see which projects are ready to be put on the calendar.


If you’re looking for an efficient content calendar, then it’s safe to try out a platform that has “Content” and “Cal” in the name, right?ContentCal does a great job of challenging users to establish firm content goals for the week, month, and year. Using that information can help you gear your content accordingly.

The color-coding features are especially helpful when you’re looking at the calendar from a yearly perspective. It ensures that you diversify your content and give all social media channels the attention that they deserve.


While most of the other content calendar templates on this list are primarily focused on upcoming content for social media, CoSchedule helps you stay on track with any campaign. You can rely on it for things like social media posts, customer support, email marketing campaigns, blogging, podcast schedules, and more. CoSchedule has separate calendars (all of which are free) for things like social media content and email marketing content. Their goal is to help you keep track of all your campaigns without filling up the agenda and overwhelming yourself. That alone is worth its weight in gold!


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