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Six Easy Ways to Freshen Up the Air in Your Home

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The air inside the house can get very stuffy. This holds true particularly for winters when we have our windows shut to keep out the cold air and draughts. However, all that excessive carbon dioxide build-up can lead to loss of oxygen. Add to that the fact that various bacteria and viruses have a field day as they are circulated by our lungs. Lack of oxygen also creates a sense of lethargy and we are not able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. This process can get progressively worse with the passage of time as we remain indoors in houses and apartments that are sealed tight against the elements. However, it does not have to be this way at all. Let us take a quick look at the more common and easy ways to freshen up the air in your home. 

  • Make sure your pets are always well-groomed 

Pets shed a lot in certain seasons. Moreover, they carry dander that can cause skin and breathing allergies. If you are already allergic, exposure to dander will make your allergies much worse. This is why it is always a great idea to keep your pets well-groomed. Moreover, you might consider sweeping your home regularly to get rid of their fur. 

  • Get an HVAC system

A state-of-the-art heat, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system will go a long way toward freshening up the air in your room.  HVAC systems are excellent filtration systems in their own right. They have the capability of constantly filtering the air in your entire home. Moreover, the more advanced models come with anti-bacteria filters so that you and your family can always breathe fresh, clean, and pure air all the time. 

  • Get a few house plants

Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. This means that they are nature’s own little portable air purifiers. Apart from CO2, they also help diffuse various other harmful gases that may be present in your room. If you plan on keeping the windows locked for a long time, it would be a great idea to get some plants for your room. They will not only purify the air but cleanse it as well. Plants are easy to take care of and with the help of grow lights, your room will freshen up effortlessly but look beautiful as well with the greenery of plans. 

  • Keep the windows open

Yes. It really is that simple! If you want fresh air to circulate in your home, just open the windows and pull back the blinds. That’s all it takes. It is a good idea to open your windows, even if for just five minutes only. This small step will go a long way in eliminating the pollutants present in the air inside your home. You might also consider sleeping with the window open a crack to make sure that you have an ample supply of fresh clean air in your room. If it is too cold, you can always take an extra blanket to bed with you. 

  • Get an essential oil diffuser for your home 

Air-borne bacteria can be deadly. Moreover, it is also the cause of many annoying illnesses in the upper respiratory tract. There exist many essential oils that have great antibacterial properties Once diffused in the air, they help to eliminate many harmful bacteria and other toxic microbes from the air. 

  • Never wear your shoes inside your house 

When you wear your shoes inside the house, you will inadvertently end up trailing absolutely yucky stuff inside your home. It can include anything and everything from animal and bird droppings to fungi, pollen, and even pesticides. These things get stuck on the soles of your shoe and are deposited inside the house, on the flooring, or even on the carpet. They give off a bad odor that messes up the whole ambiance of your home. Not to mention the fact that well-worn shoes contain their own odor too. It would be a great idea to keep them outside where they belong. 

  • Conclusion 

If you want to breathe fresh and clean air inside your home all the time, you should consider investing in high-quality HVAC equipment with its own inbuilt-filtration system. Apart from that, you can also keep plants in your house and refrain from bringing your shoes inside.

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