How do Art and Design Affect Us?

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Art and Design

Art and design are essential part of our lifestyle. They are essential parts of what we do. Arts contribute help human beings enjoy things that are not necessary part of living. One could conceivably live without them. Art forms that are part of the visual arts and the performing arts make life enjoyable by letting individuals appreciate abstract objects that please the soul. Visual arts that attempt to create images or objects through painting, photography, print making, sculpture, etc. add an extra dimension to one’s life. Performing arts like the movie, theatre, dancing; opera, etc. do the same thing on a different plane.

Design is far more functional. Design attempts to create plans and conventions for the making of an object which has very functional uses. Blueprints, circuit diagrams, and sewing patterns could be considered such design. Design could be involved in generating a process for creating objects routinely. The term design may have a slightly different connotation in different disciplines. In addition, construction of an object is sometimes considered a design. Pottery, for example, being designed usually means it being created. Things like graphic design would actually mean a graphic being produced. Read more about 10 Things a Bachelorette Party Should Not be Without.

Design affects us every day. The implements we use, the tools that help us do a job need a design to be built properly. At another level, when you are competing to sell a particular product, for example, design often makes the difference. Among several variations of the same product, people would prefer something that is aesthetically pleasing or has a color that pleases you.

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