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Essay Writing

Students need any help they can get. This is why they often look online whenever their new writing assignment comes up. Where else can they find perfect essay help? Students often seek apps to help them structure, proofread, edit, and organize their texts. However, the current tech world can offer much more. Indeed, students can count on online developers to offer them great essay writing help. Let’s see some of the examples below. Who knows, perhaps your next essay will score much higher only because of a few useful apps you find on this list?


Grammarly is, without a doubt, the most popular app among students. It’s a lifesaver for everyone who fears writing essays in English for whatever reason. Whether you are a native speaker or not, Grammarly is there to offer you its services. First, you get to proofread your text stress-free and even money-free. All students can use the basic version of Grammarly for free. For many, such a version can be quite enough.

Thus, you get to proofread your paper. So, you see your mistakes and ways to fix them. The app can detect grammar, stylistic, and punctuation errors. A paid version can also detect plagiarism and show where it’s hidden. You may also install the Grammarly keyboard on your mobile devices. Thus, the app will check and correct you while typing messages. Super easy, super fast.


Any essay work comes with a lot of preparation. That’s often the stage where students feel most overwhelmed with their tasks. Finding enough information and data is a challenge on its own. Yet, you also have to keep it somewhere. Well, better not just in any place, but somewhere you can organize your discoveries and put them in order. Evernote can become such a place for you.

First, students can use Evernote to make notes during classes. These notes can turn into the foundation for your future papers. Next, you get to synchronize the app across three devices with the free version and on unlimited devices with the paid ones. Thus, you can always have access to your notes wherever you are. Finally, you get to organize notes the way you like them, tag them, put labels, or separate them into different notebooks. In addition, you can share your notes with friends and work on essays together. Read more about Four University Tips for Students with ADHD.


Sometimes, all we lack during essay writing is concentration. Of course, we have to work on our laptops and computers. It’s the most efficient way to do it. Yet, they are also full of distractions. For instance, working in Google Docs will require opening up your browsers, which is already a distraction on its own. Working in MS Office means you have to save your work all the time, just in case. Plus, this program doesn’t synchronize your work on other devices. So, it’s also not perfect for essay writing.
Well, we have a solution. FocusWriter means a peaceful working environment, free of distractions and full of writing help. This program creates perfect conditions for writing. It helps you find a perfect background and overall look while writing. It has a great dictionary to correct your typos and other mistakes. It also provides you with full statistics and adjusts your layout. In addition, FocusWriter helps you organize all your texts. Moreover, this program is free, so any student can try it out.


Speaking of focus, let’s admit it. Not many young people are doing a great job by concentrating on what is in front of them. In other words, lack of focus is a common obstacle on your way to a good paper. Everything seems to distract you once you sit at the table trying to write. Notifications on your phone keep popping up. Your to-do list reminds you about delayed activities. You suddenly recall that article you saved for later. All of that can be avoided with one simple app – Freedom.

Freedom is not just a blocking app. It’s your route to concentrate and complete papers. The app can block any site or application that doesn’t help you work. The blocked addresses will remain so on all your devices for as long as you set them to be that way. To be honest, this app does about 50% of the work for you. Overall, you can either pay someone to do your homework or concentrate and do everything yourself. Both options are okay, as long as you know where to seek the right help, but reliable and professional assistance is a good option in many cases.

To wrap up

Students should feel free to seek any help they need when it comes to their homework. After all, such help exists for a reason. No young person should feel alone in their struggle or carry more than they can handle. It’s okay to use professional help when proofreading, editing, structuring, or even trying to focus. The apps from our list can make students’ lives a little bit easier. So why don’t you use one or maybe even all of these apps next time you have an essay to write. See what a difference these applications can make.

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