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Does bleach kill roaches? Latest guide of 2023

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Does bleach kill roaches

Bleaches can be used to kill cockroaches, but it is possible only when the bleach is ingested by the roaches. But roaches avoid to go near it, as it has very bad and pungent smell, which is good enough to keep the roaches away from the specific region. You can use several tricks to force roaches to eat things coated with bleach.

How to use bleach to kill roaches at home?

You can spray bleach on things that roaches usually like, so that the roaches will be attracted by its smell and killed after eating it and you can easily get rid of the roaches. Here some points are given, which can help to solve the puzzle “does bleach kill roaches”, if yes, then how?

  • Pour bleach into a spray gun, and spray where you suspect roaches. Its smell makes the roaches to leave the place and go away.
  • Roaches are usually found near watery areas such as sinks or washrooms. If you have any doubts about the presence of roaches, take a cup of bleach and throw it down the sink. By doing this, you can destroy the roaches’ nest, but you should keep in mind that too much bleach and roach waste can cause erosion in this part of the sink, so you may want to use water after the process. It should be done to avoid any damage.
  • As you all know very well that only a few drops of bleach can cause great harm to the clothes near to it, so you should be very careful in using bleach. This bleach not only kills the roaches, but you can also use it for cleaning purposes, as it can reduce the microbial infections and germs up to a certain limit.

Can you prepare bleach at home to get rid of roaches?

The formula of bleach is very simple as if you know about it,  you can easily prepare it at home with limited resources.  Caustic soda is very common in every home as it is basically used for cooking purposes. Take this according to the requirement and add a little bit chlorine water in it. Mix it and now your bleach is ready to get rid of the hassle of roaches. This bleach has some antibacterial and anti viral properties, which disable the roaches to survive in it and roaches even can’t bear its smell and try to stay away. Read more about Best Peppermint oil for roaches.

What products other than bleach can kill roaches?

If you are allergic from bleach, or are not interested in this way to get rid of roaches, you can use some other ways. Some of the most commonly used products are as mentioned below:

  • COMBAT roach bait
  • Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer
  • Harris Roach Powder Boric acid
  • Bengal Roach Spray
  • Combat Max Killing Gel
  • Avenger 6 oz. Roach Killer Tablets (containing 40% boric acid, having odourless features, can also be used to kill ants and water bugs)

Why bleach is considered a bad roach killer?

You might be interested to know does bleach kill roaches. Yes or no answer is not enough for it, you must be be familiar with the possible side effects of this procedure.  Bleach may not work as bait. It has a very strong smell that can completely overpower any food smell. Suppose you use some food item to attract roaches and spray it with bleach, it is important for you to know that roaches are not attracted to that food, because of the strong smell of bleach as the roaches cannot smell the object properly. Additionally, one roach cannot transmit bleach to another. If you are ever fortunate enough to convince a roach to consume bleached bait, the roach will naturally perish. This is due to the fact that lye does not spread from one roach to another, unlike specially prepared baits or boric acid. Therefore, the likelihood of killing your nest is relatively minimal. Besides this, it’s a very cheap and easy way to get rid of roaches.

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