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DIY tips for remodeling a small bathroom

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DIY tips for remodeling a small bathroom

If you are interested in remodeling your small bathroom, you should go through some tips, so that you can renovate it in a better way. Remodeling can be done in various ways, such as simply changing the color scheme, introducing some fixtures, changing the positions of utilities, etc. 

Equipment required for DIY remodeling of bathroom:

People usually prefer to renovate their bathroom instead of building a whole new bathroom, because they want their bathroom to be updated according to the latest or modern ideas. Remodeling your small bathroom is easier than remodeling a large bathroom, but you must have the following supplies:

  • Safety mask
  • Gloves, Safety glasses
  • Caulking gun, silicone sealant, hammer, 
  • Measuring tape, putty knife
  • Study finder, electric drill
  • Lever, bucket, chisel, adjustable wrench, flat head, screwdriver
  • Mountain range, utility knife, chalk line
  • Extension cord

 Here some additional tools are also shortlisted, which are essential for remodeling a small bathroom, like wet dry shop wick, (which is very useful in case of water spillage while removing toilet or other accessories), cordless drill (which makes it easy to move around while working and frees up the extension core for other power tools).

If one is not interested in buying these additional equipment, he can rent these equipment from nearby shops at an average price or borrow from his relatives or friends. 

Tips for DIY remodeling of a small bathroom

Try to keep your bathroom simple, but stick to one central theme and choose items for your bathroom that match that theme. It gives your bathroom a simple, yet stunning look. Here some tips are mentioned to renovate your bathroom at an average cost:

  • Color scheme

A color scheme can completely change the look of your bathroom, as certain colors can make your bathroom look bigger and more appealing. Dark colors absorb natural and artificial light, but bright colors reflect it. The more light a room has, the more open and airy it will feel. Remodeling does not require changing the color of the entire bathroom, you can simply paint the cabinets to renovate your bathroom. 

  • Format of tiles

Large format tiles will make your bathroom look bigger than it really is. So, it’s a good idea to use large tiles to renovate your bathroom. It provides you with many positive things like there will be fewer grout lines in your bathroom, so your walls and floors will look more uniform and less messy and cramped and secondly, scale will make your space look bigger. You can even use a large slab of tile to cover an entire wall, eliminating grout lines entirely. 

  • Design of tiles

To provide your bathroom an even and gorgeous look, you can use use similar tiles for the walls and floor of your bathroom. 

  • New fixtures

If you want to remodel your bathroom on a budget, you can make small changes like replacing your mirror with a modern one. It will give your bathroom a brand new look.

  • Wall hangings

You can make different wall hangings for your bathroom or give it a different and modern look by painting the walls. Such hangings can be easily made at home with limited materials or else you can buy from the market as per your budget.

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