Blue World City Islamabad

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Blue World City is an approved NOC-approved, branded housing society near Chakri Interchange. The society’s owner is Saad Nasir. Blue World City’s best features include its fast development and prime location. The District Council and RDA have officially approved Blue World City NOC.

Blue World City developers and owners:

Blue World City owner is Mr. Blue Group of Companies (BWC) is the owner of Blue World City. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. This is a well-known Chinese brand.

Significance of the NOC

A No Objection Certificate (NOC), is a document that proves that the society has been approved and that all construction or development work within the society are legal. If a society wishes to be more authentic, they must ensure that the NOC has been approved.

Blue World City NOC

The approved No-Objection Certificate is now Rawalpindi Development Authority and District Council. Society is in a rapid development phase. Investors are now more interested in the RDA and District Council approvals.

The area approved for BWC is approximately 1534 Kanal. Mouza Sehal has almost 1134 Kanal, while Mouza Habtal contains 400 Kanal.

The NOC is approved under Local Bodies Ordinance 2021; the reference number of the letter is RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148 and was signed on 11th December 2021. vide letter number 532/10/DC was signed by Rawalpindi district council on 7 Aug 2018.

Blue World City Location

The location in Blue World City is located in a prime area between Rawalpindi (Islamabad) and Islamabad. It is near Chakri Interchange (M-2) and Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. It is also accessible via Chakri Road. The location makes it the best investment opportunity due to several other ultra-luxurious yet affordable housing societies such as Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Blue World City Masterplan

Blue World City’s master plan is an example of modern architecture. It encompasses residential and commercial plots as well as farmhouses. Blue World City recently introduced the Water Front Block. A new block of BWC has been introduced, known as Executive Block.

Blue World City Payment Options

Blue World City offers clients flexible payment options. Customers can choose from easy installment plans. Customers can find details about payment plans on the official websites of Sky Marketing and Tajarat Properties.

Blue World City Islamabad Executive Payment Plans

Blue World City Executive block’s payment plans are among the most affordable. The plots can be purchased in 40 monthly installments or 8 yearly semi-payments. The executive block has two payment options.

Blue World City Executive Block Payment Plan 1:

Here is the Blue World City Executive Block’s first payment plan:

  • 5 Marla plots available for 875,000/–, the 10% down payment of Rs. 87500/- and the 40 monthly installments of Rs. 19,688 /-, 8 half-yearly installments of Rs.984,438/-
  • There are 10 Marla plots available for 1,675,000/-. The 10% down payment is Rs. 167,500 /- The 40 monthly installments of Rs.37.688/- and 8 semi-annual installments of 188,438/- are
  • There are 20 Marla plots available for purchase in 3,150,000/o and the 10% down payment of Rs. 315,000/- The 40 monthly installments of Rs. 70,875/- and 8 semi-annual installments are Rs. 354,375/-

Blue World City Executive Block Payment Plan 2:

Below are the 2nd payment plans for Executive Block in BWC.

  • 5 Marla plots available in Rs. 875,000/– and the 10% down payment of Rs. 87500/-the 40 monthly payments are Rs. 18,594/- and 8 semi-annual installments are Rs. 92,969/- The 5% possession fees are Rs. 43.750/-
  • In Rs. 10, 10 Marla plots can be purchased. 1,675,000/- and Rs. 167,500/-40 monthly installments of Rs. 35.594/- and 8 semi-yearly installments of Rs.177,969/– The 5% possession fees are Rs. 83,750/-
  • In Rs. 20 Marla plots are available 3,150,000/- and Rs.10% down payment. 315,000/- The 40 monthly installments of Rs. 66,938/- and 8 semi-annual installments are Rs. 334,688/ – The 5% possession fees are Rs. 157.500/-

Why is Blue World City Worth Investing in?

Blue World City is in a rapid development phase. Blue World City was not always a legal entity. There are many reasons why it is worth investing. Here are some reasons to invest in Blue World City.

  1. The NOC has been approved
  2. Flexible payment plans
  3. Society’s rapid development
  4. Accessibility to many of the most important points in Rawalpindi or Islamabad
  5. Launch of Water Front Block and Executive Blocks in Blue World City


Blue World City Islamabad, one of Pakistan’s most recognizable and branded societies is one. BWC offers the best payment terms, making it a worthwhile investment. RDA and District Council have approved the NOC of BWC.

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