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Accent wall ideas – a complete guide to bedroom improvement

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Accent wall ideas

Do you look around your bedroom understanding that it might need changes? Do you feel that your place needs some tweaking, because it looks a bit out-of-date? Do you often neglect the urge for change due to a shortage of time and money? If your mind says “Yes, yes, yes”, then you are at the right place, as we know the best solution to make you free from the dead-end situation you find yourself in Accent wall ideas. 

Accent walls are often used by designers, as they are real game-changers for the interior. They embellish the place, attract attention and do all the talking on behalf of the owner. Accent walls bring the element of modernity, which is interlaced with personalized touches. Such a combination is always favorable for any room you choose. 

If you are up for interior transformations, follow up to get the grip of essentials. 

What’s an accent wall?

An accent wall is a focal point of the room and the center of attention. As a rule, it differs from the surrounding walls by its color, texture, and aesthetic load. Accent walls can be created in any room in the house, depending on your vision and the message to convey. As far as we are talking about the place for your rest – the bedroom, and it is accessible only to a few people, you are free to choose and experiment with any design you want. 

How to choose the place for the accent wall?

Before choosing the color and style, you need to define the major point of the changes. While there are no set-in-stone rules, you may still use some guidelines:

  1. The best-fitting wall is typically the one you see when entering the bedroom, so you will always have it in view. 
  2. Look for solid walls, the ones that have no visual interruptions like windows, doors, or built-ins. Typically, it’s a place behind the sofa or bed.  
  3. The accent walls can be the one you always face, as it is supposed to bring you aesthetic pleasure. 
  4. Choose an even and symmetrical wall. 
  5. If the fitting wall is hidden behind numerous pieces of furniture, by more than 50%, painting it with a different color or decoring it with peel-and-stick wallpapers will do no good. Instead of an elaborate and functional wall, you will get visual clutter. 
  6. If there is no wall to choose from (and you’re sure that the space decluttering will not help), you can choose the fifth wall – the ceiling. It may sound surprising, however, the color of the ceiling can change the whole ambiance. The white one will create openness and spaciousness, however, the dark-colored ceiling will be a great choice for rooms with high ceilings, as they will make everything look cozier and ‘homier’.

What are the best patterns?

Accent wall ideas

Choosing the right pattern for a bedroom accent wall is the cornerstone of the unity and cohesion of a place. If you struggle with the ideas, check specialized websites and narrow down the list to the most appealing ideas. 

  • Go bold with the colors

As a rule, the major color palette to use at home is neutral because it gives freedom for further decoration. However, that’s not the case with the accent walls as they must be brave, and color-blocking, to make a statement.

  • Don’t shy away from dark colors

Dark colors often ‘suffer’ from injustice, as they are often taken as depressing, inactive, and anti-positive. However, in terms of design, there is nothing better than a dark-colored wall as it helps to highlight the beauty of the photos, paintings, frames, and anything you want to hang there. Monochromatic bright walls, in contrast, will have no place for anything else, as the color of the wall itself will steal the thunder. 

  • Use geometrical patterns

The usage of geometry is crucial for interior design as it is the source of visual balance. It creates harmony between the lines of the furniture with the patterns on the wall. 

  • Use a variety of textures

The accent wall is not necessarily flat, you can experiment with the various textures. If you want the industrial touches for the room – go for a stone or mirror wall; the herringbone pattern will add structure to the place; the white brick wall will add a cottage-like mood, etc. By introducing the textures, you add tactility to the interior and visual depth to the surface.

  • Pieces of art

Murals are a great point of urban style, they are expressive and impressive. Why not introduce such urbanistic touches to your living space? An accent wall with a mural will definitely look effective. It can be a famous piece of classic art or just an enlarged part of the painting, the geometrical figures or floral patterns – you choose. The mural wall will open up your personality and will be the finishing element of the whole interior.  

What are the materials to use?

Accent wall ideas

We are all overwhelmed with work and daily routine, having no intention to spend precious time refreshing the interior. Our society is used to quick solutions with proper functionality. Regarding the accent walls, the best approach is to use peel-and-stick wallpapers. They are relatively easy to apply and look after. Besides, they are not permanent solutions for years ahead, letting you change the design anytime you want. Such flexibility is also money-saving, compared to other options. 

If there is a need for more texture, there is always timber, natural or artificial stone, textured paint for 3D effects, tiles, and bricks. All the materials will bring unique sophistication to the place, organic warmth, and comfort. However, it’s important to understand, that the usage of such material will make the accent wall more permanent and non-flexible in terms of style and alterations. Moreover, the cost will get a few times higher, as you will probably need a professional for all the installations.

How to choose the style of the accent wall?

As usual, the idea is strictly individual. Yet, it’s worth going for a harmonious look with the current or future design. While it’s always a good idea to experiment, it’s still important to keep in mind that some colors are not matching, and if you combine them in the bedroom because it seems okay, it will soon become the source of morning annoyance, as such combinations are taken badly unconsciously. 

Some colors look nice when separate, however when paired, they create a clashing feeling and visual tension: green and yellow, brown and grey, white and silver, purple and yellow, green and orange, brown and grey, etc. 

When in doubt, check for a color wheel, it shows the relationship between the primary, secondary, and tertiary color groups. 

The most up-to-date color combinations for accent walls in 2023

  1. White and brown combination

This is classic and classic is eternal. These two colors bring sophistication, elegance, and tranquility. The way to combine the colors depends on personal preferences and the size of the room. It is possible to make white the main color with touches of brown – it will make the whole space feel bigger. The bigger space will benefit from brown as the main color with white accents throughout, as it will create a feeling of coziness. 

  • Black and white 

Black color is more and more often considered to be a neutral color, which fits practically everything in the living space. The touches of white will just add more elegance and lightness. 

  • Mint green

Mint green makes the whole room vibrant, as it’s the color of life. The best combinations are white, beige, royal blue, and violet. A light mint green background will also provide a calming effect, especially if it is combined with other details of the design like cushions, curtains, or any other accessories in the room. 

  • Navy blue

Navy blue is a great choice to update the look of the room. It goes well with metallic gold, bright pink, cherry red, mustard yellow, and white, of course. Navy blue brings in stability, something to rely on, while the colorful touches will create the contract to make a statement. 

  • Earthy tones

Earthy tones include colors that resemble the ones of the Earth  – soil-brown, sky-blue, leaf-green, rust-orange, sun-red, cloud-grey, etc. The usage of such colors will bring the feeling of nature into the place, giving it a welcoming and comforting look. 

  • Cool tones

Cool tones create a soothing and calming atmosphere. They are relaxing and thus, are the perfect choice for the bedroom – blue, grey, and purple are three basic cool colors to use, and their variations. 

An accent wall is a winning solution for a bedroom transformation. It boosts up the freshness of a place and brings a vibe of excitement and novelty. It attracts attention and reflects the owner’s personality, along with being a fundamental part of the design scheme. If case you are pressed for time, just choose an appropriate pattern of peel-and-stick wallpapers and enjoy the alterations of a place. There is a high chance that a new accent wall will become your major stimulus for further home transformation.

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