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17 Tropical Flower Garden Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

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Garden Landscaping Ideas

There’s something about the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by lush greenery that brings you back to nature. But maybe you live in a climate where it’s difficult to grow your own garden throughout the year. Or maybe you just don’t have enough space for one. If that is the case, it might seem like an impossible feat to bring the beauty of a tropical paradise into your home. However, with a little bit of creative thinking and expert landscape designer anyone can bring the beauty of the tropics into their home, even if only for a few months at a time. With so many different species of luscious tropical plants, we understand that choosing which ones are right for your home might be difficult. To help you get started on your exotic garden journey, we have put together this article full of ideas and suggestions to get you going in the right direction. From bold ferns and palms to exotic yuccas and banana trees, some of our favorite tropical plants listed below will give your home an oasis of paradise no matter what season it is! Click here for Composite Fence Panels.

Brighten up your space with color

If you’re looking to bring a splash of color to your tropical garden, there are several great options to choose from. Whether you want to grow lots of vibrant flowers, colorful shrubs, or even a few brightly colored cacti, you can find plenty of tropical plants that come in shades of pink, red, orange, and purple.

Some of our favorite flowering tropical plants include the Birds of Paradise, which can grow up to 4 feet tall and have beautiful, exotic flowers that come in a wide array of colors and patterns. If you’re looking for a smaller, more compact flowering tropical plant, try the Swedish Ivy, which grows about 1 foot tall and has beautiful violet-colored flowers. Lastly, we can’t forget about the iconic Orchid, which is a tropical plant that is as beautiful as it is rare. There are thousands of different types of orchids, so you’re sure to find a color and style that suits your home perfectly.

But there are so many more! Read on!

17 Tropical Flower Garden Landscaping Ideas for Your Home


The first tropical plant on our list is one that is often overlooked. Calathea, or Prayer plant, is an easy to grow tropical plant that can tolerate both low and high light, can be kept outside, or inside and is perfect for beginners. It is known for its beautiful, long, delicate, variegated leaves, often compared to a butterfly’s wings. The Prayer plant is an especially great choice for beginners because it requires very little maintenance and has very few pests that like to feed on it.

Banana tree

If you’re looking for something a little bit more tropical, consider adding a banana tree to your home. That’s right- the fruit that you usually find in a grocery store can actually be grown as a tree! They grow very quickly, creating a tall, tropical, architectural specimen in your garden or on your patio. Like all tropical plants, banana trees need lots of sunlight, so they are best planted in an area with full sun exposure. If you’re looking to grow bananas indoors, you’re out of luck, as they won’t bear any fruit indoors. However, you can grow other tropical fruits like papaya, mango, and avocado nearby, as they often grow well in the same conditions.

Coffea Arabica

If you’re a big coffee fan, then you might want to consider growing some coffee beans in your garden. Coffea Arabica, or Coffee plants, are a great choice for anyone who wants to grow their own coffee beans at home. These easy-to-grow coffee plants are a common choice for many tropical gardeners because they grow well in sunlight, as well as shaded areas. If you live in a warmer climate, you can even choose to grow your coffee plants in your garden, or you can keep them in pots on your patio.


Suppose you’re looking for a tropical plant that can survive in less than ideal conditions. In that case, Pereskiopsis is the plant for you. This tough, easy-to-grow plant can tolerate low light, and can even survive in very dry soil. These plants are often referred to as the “succulent cactus” because of their prickly texture and ability to store water. They are a great choice for those who want to grow a tropical plant in a dry area of the house, or for those who want to bring a tropical feel to a desert landscape.


Shrimp Plant

One of the more interesting tropical plants out there is the shrimp plant. This beautiful tropical plant blooms with vibrant red-orange flowers and grows large, fleshy leaves, making it ideal for growing indoors or outdoors in most climates. It is relatively easy to care for and can be grown in both full sun and partial shade, making it an excellent addition to any tropical garden. Because of the vibrant red color of its flowers and leaves, the shrimp plant is often used as a colorful and exotic addition to a traditional bouquet of flowers. It also does well when incorporated into a terrarium.

Fan Palm

The palm is the quintessential tropical plant, and there are plenty of species to choose from. When choosing a palm to add to your tropical garden, you’ll want to make sure you pick one that is suitable for your climate and growing conditions. However, once you find the right one, you’ll have an exotic and tropical addition to your home for many years to come. Many types of palms are suitable for outdoor growing, but the most popular is the coconut palm. This palm species is native to tropical regions, including Asia, South America, and parts of Africa and the Caribbean. A coconut palm is a tall, thick palm with a large, green, spiky, fan-like frond at the top. This species grows large, so make sure you have enough garden space before committing to this tropical beauty!

Hawaiian Umbrella Tree

The Hawaiian umbrella tree is one of the most iconic and recognizable tropical plants out there. Its large, thick leaves and tall, arching trunks make it an incredibly bold addition to any tropical garden. Because of this plant’s large size and bold tropical appearance, it is often used as a decoration at hotels and resorts around the world. Because of this, this tropical plant makes the perfect housewarming gift or tropical garden decoration for those who are new to the tropics or have a difficult time growing their own garden. Because of its large, bold leaves, the Hawaiian tree is also perfect for a shaded garden.

Stalked Yellow Fly-catcher Flower

If you’re looking for a unique tropical plant with an exotic, yet subtle appearance, the stalked yellow fly-catcher flower is an excellent choice. This plant features a beautiful yellow flower with orange stamens and a red-green stalk and grows best in tropical climates with lots of sunlight. Because of its relatively small size and easy-to-care for nature, this tropical plant is often grown in pots, making it the perfect tropical addition to any setting. Because of its subtle beauty, the stalked yellow fly-catcher flower makes an excellent housewarming gift for those who have always wanted to bring the tropics to their home but aren’t sure where to start.

Puriri and Koura Puhara

The puhara is one of the most iconic New Zealand plants and is often used in Maori art. This plant features a woody, dark brown trunk with bright green leaves and is a very hardy and resilient tropical plant. Because of this, the puhara is often grown as a decoration along the edges of gardens and driveways to keep weeds away. Because of its incredible hardiness, the puhara is often used as a bridge between two different landscapes, such as a river bank and a garden. The puhara can also be used to create natural fences around gardens and homes. This plant is fairly easy to care for and can grow quite large if given enough space and time.

False Acacia, or Illawarra Flame Tree

As its name suggests, the false acacia is not actually an acacia plant. However, it is related to the acacia plant and can actually be seen growing in various parts of New South Wales, Australia. This tropical plant features long, thick, green leaves that are covered with fine hairs and can grow up to 2 meters in height. It is also known as the Illawarra flame tree because of the gorgeous orange and yellow blossoms it produces. This beautiful tropical plant is often used to line highways and streets throughout Australia and makes an excellent tropical garden addition. Its large leaves make it an excellent decoration for a tropical garden, and its gorgeous orange and yellow blossoms make it a bold and vibrant addition to any setting. This tropical beauty can be easily grown outdoors and is relatively easy to care for.


The yucca is a species of succulent and desert plant that is native to parts of the Mexican and Southwestern United States. Because of its bold nature, the yucca is often described as “the cactus that looks like a tree.” This tropical plant features thick, long leaves, often ranging in color from green to brown, and large, tall stalks that can reach up to 8 meters in height! Although this plant is considered a succulent, its large size and thick leaves make it appear very different from traditional succulent plants. Yucca is an excellent addition to any tropical garden because of its large size and bold nature. It is also fairly easy to care for and can even be grown indoors in pots or in the ground, making it an excellent tropical plant for beginners.


The heliconia is a tropical plant species that is native to many tropical regions around the world, including Asia, Central and South America, and Africa. Because of its bold and vibrant nature, the heliconia is often used to create stunning tropical bouquets and arrangements. It is also a popular tropical plant for outdoor growing because of its large size and striking appearance. Heliconia is often referred to as the “Stairway to the Sun” because its vibrant yellow and orange flowers typically bloom from the bottom of the plant to the top, opening as the sun rises each morning. Because of its large size, the heliconia is an excellent tropical plant for outdoor growing, making it an excellent gift for those who have always dreamed of bringing the tropics to their home but have struggled to find the right plant.

Monstera deliciosa

The monstera is a large and stunning tropical plant that is often used as a decorative plant. This tropical plant features large, thick leaves. Its leaves are large enough to create a dramatic effect and are also thick enough to protect the plant from pests. Monstera is also a very easy plant to care for, making it a great tropical plant for beginners who want to bring the tropics to their home. This plant is incredibly easy to maintain as long as you keep it properly hydrated and in an environment with plenty of sunlight.


The anthurium is a beautiful tropical plant that is often used as a housewarming gift because of its large size and striking appearance. This beautiful tropical plant features large, thick leaves in a variety of vibrant colors and bold, bright flowers at the top of the plant. Because of its striking appearance, the anthurium is also often used as a centerpiece in tropical bouquets and arrangements.

Bananas, orchids, and helicons: The basics of a tropical garden

While we’d love to list every single tropical plant you could ever want to grow in your garden, there are a few staple plants that every tropical garden should have. When you’re planning out your tropical garden, you’ll want to make sure it has plenty of banana trees, heliconias, and orchids. Bananas are a tropical staple because they can be used in many different ways. You can eat the fruit, use the leaves to make clothing, or even use the sap as glue. Orchids are a tropical plant that is often overlooked and under-appreciated. They are beautiful, fragrant flowers that come in a wide range of colors and species, making them perfect for any type of tropical garden. Finally, heliconias are large and colorful flowers that are sure to brighten up any tropical garden.

Bring on the ferns!

If you’re a big fan of ferns, you’re in luck- tropical gardens are some of the best places to grow ferns. Many types of tropical ferns like warm, humid environments, which is perfect for growing a tropical garden. Various ferns grow well in tropical gardens, including the Bird’s Nest fern, the Christmas fern, and the Three-corner fern.

Don’t forget about fruiting plants!

If you’re looking to add some fruiting plants to your tropical garden, there are many great options to choose from. Guavas, passion fruits, and citrus fruits are all wonderful tropical plants that can produce delicious and nutritious fruit. You can even grow avocados in a tropical climate, as long as you take care when selecting the type of avocado tree you want to grow.

Several other great tropical trees produce delicious fruit, including the Purple Fig tree, which produces small, purple figs that are great for eating fresh or can be used to make jam, the Jack Fruit tree, which produces large, edible fruits that can weigh up to 80 pounds, and the Passion Fruit tree, which produces the delicious tropical fruit that is used in many different types of drinks, desserts, and culinary creations.

If you want to grow some tropical fruit trees in your garden, make sure to select the ones that are best suited for your area and climate so that they can grow and thrive in your garden.


There are few things as spectacular as a tropical garden. From the beautiful flowers to the luscious, colorful leaves, a tropical garden is as vibrant and full of life as it gets. Tropical plants are some of the most beautiful plants in the world, with exotic leaves and colorful blossoms that are sure to brighten up any space. A tropical garden is the best place to start if you’re looking to bring the tropics to your home. With so many different species to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect tropical plants to fit your home, no matter what your tastes or preferences may be. Whether you’re looking for bold, geometric plants or soft, delicate flowers, there is something for every taste, and a tropical garden is sure to add an exotic flair to any space.

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